Sponsors & Ambassadorships


Skechers Performance is one of the leading brands for runners around the world. Worn by some of the top runners around the world, Skechers Performance provides a shoe for all types of runners. For a discount code to save 20% please send me a message trough my contact page.

Zensah Logo

Zensah was founded with a mission that still drives us today: to help athletes of all levels reach their ultimate performance while in ultimate comfort! The company is based in South Florida and was founded in 2004. The name is derived from the Italian word “SENZA” – meaning “to be without” – because we believe athletes should be without limits. This mantra inspires us each and every day to create the most cutting edge sports apparel. Countless athletes around the world trust Zensah’s compression accessories and apparel for their performance and recovery needs. Some of these include Olympic gold medalists; NBA, MLB, and NFL athletes; and countless other inspirational individuals.


Nuun is my official electrolyte partner.

Hydration is important whether you’re running a marathon or a marathon of errands. a consistent intake of water throughout the day is the easiest way to start living a healthier lifestyle. drinking more water everyday can lead to increased energy levels, it can support healthy body function, and can help increase the absorption of nutrients.


Science in Sport is my official Energy Gel and Protein Partner. From in race fueling with the Energy Gels to post workout REGO protein, I don’t leave anything to chance. I am make sure that I am #FueledByScience. For a discount on Science in Sport products send me a message through my contact page and I will gladly share a discount code you can use online.

We believe that the most sophisticated piece of sports equipment you’ll ever own is your body. If you don’t put high performance sports nutrition in, you won’t get your full potential out. Our range of products are researched and developed by sports scientists in conjunction with international athletes. This scientific research underpins everything we do to ensure that all our products meet the exacting standards of Informed Sport. This means that everything we do and every personal best you achieve with us, is FUELED BY SCIENCE.


Wicked Audio is the only ear bud and headphone products that I rely on when it comes to getting the best sound quality. No matter the environment from my workouts, meditation or working around the house when I am listening to music, guided meditations or my favorite podcasts, you can see me with Wicked Audio.

Let’s be real here. what we all want in our headphones is conformity-defying style and the type of unapologetic confidence that would even make even your girlfriend’s dad like you. Well the truth is you can only get that with Wicked Audio. But only if you want unmatched sound quality wrapped up in all that gritty sophistication. Look, don’t be satisfied with so-so. Expect more from your headphones. Wicked Audio: Style + Everything else.

IST Logo Stacked RGB

Inside Tracker allows me to optimize my health, wellness and performance. Through a range of bio-markers in your blood, the scientist and doctors that work with Inside Tracker will tell you everything you need. Since the #BloodDontLie, it is the only way to go, because no two people are alike on the inside it is tough to know what you really need on the inside unless you test and track the inside. For more information send me a note through my contact page and I will put you in touch with the awesome people at Inside Tracker.


Rock’n’Roll races are always enjoyable, in fact my first marathon was a Rock’n’Roll race down in San Diego. If you are looking for lively race and a ton of fun or looking to set a personal best in various distances the Rock’n’Roll Marathon Series has race for you. For a discount code send me a note and I will get you one to use to save a few bucks on your registration.


Represent Running was founded in 2012 to keep runners racing local races. Looking for a Bay Area race through the year? Check out the race schedule and use code “REPRESENTCM” to save on your registration.

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