Running with Team SIS


I am honored and excited to announce I have been invited to join the Science in Sport (SIS) team. Yesterday I received my welcome to the team care package from SIS. They will be taking care of me for the next year with my training and race day nutritional needs from performance gels both with and without caffeine and recovery soy based drink. Their products don’t have all the added junk sugar which typically upsets my stomach so I am happy to be part of a team that I truly believe in and products that I will use in training and on race days.

A little bit more about SIS from their website:

Our Beliefs

We believe that the most sophisticated piece of sports equipment you’ll ever own is your body. If you don’t put high performance sports nutrition in, you won’t get your full potential out.

Our range of products are researched and developed by sports scientists in conjunction with international athletes. This scientific research underpins everything we do to ensure that all our products meet the exacting standards of Informed Sport. This means that everything we do and every personal best you achieve with us, is FUELED BY SCIENCE.

I recommend checking out their website for more information at  As far as products are concerned I recommend their SIS Isotonic Energy Gels and SIS Isotonic Energy Gels + Caffeine along with their REGO Recovery



Race Recap: Blue Diamond Shamrock’n Half Marathon

The Blue Diamond Shamrock’n half marathon is one of those local favorites made up of some of the local fast runners to the first time halfers. Having participated for a number of years now, I really enjoy the course that has changed over the years but always incorporates starting and finishing in or around Raley Field in West Sacramento. 

In the past few years I have had specific goals in mind when running the event, either running for a specific time, personal best or assisting in the race by pacing a friend to a personal best. This years race was a little different. I can honestly say, the race wasn’t part of a biggger picture training plan or anything related to finishing a specific time. This year was just about running it, I will be the first to admit that when the Pony Express Marathon was cancelled back in February, all of my training fell off. When I originally was looking at this race it was supposed to be a tune up half for the April marathon, but that all changed in February. So this time around it was one of those let’s hope to finish in a respectable way. Only the 13.1 would really determine that. 

I didn’t make a trip to the pre race packet pick up, but rather did the pick up at the morning of the race. After a quick stop to pick up Run BMC we were headed off to Raley Field for the race. There we pulled into the free parking at the stadium grounds then proceeded into getting the swag. BMC already had his so, he was just along for the trip to the pick up tents with me. 

The dark green tech shirt is what accompanied the bib, free beer band, and other race information. With all of the goodies in hand it was just a matter of time before we would head to the start line and get ready to run another half marathon. 

Like most other races it only took a few miles to figure out this race wasn’t going to be one for the ages, but was I really a surprised? The answer is, No! However the first 3 miles were somewhat decent as BMC and I ran between 7:40-7:30 per mile. Just after mile 3 I yelled to BMC and told him I’m hitting the toilet and for him to keep moving. He did, I stopped, but not my watch. Yes watches shouldn’t be stopped during races. 

With time lost along with some of the previous nights meal, it was about finishing and having a good time. A few miles down the road I saw Ethan and Alexia along the course cheering runners on. Here Ethan asked me about my recent rest room stop. 

As the route moved into the final stretch from Land Park back to downtown, I saw 3 parts of Fit Fam 6. There we talked about poop, yes that’s when you know you’re at a running event when poop is part of the conversation. Apparently BMC told all of our common friends along the route that I had to poop. So rather than denying it, I embraced my human side and confirmed yes in fact I did stop to poop at a Port-O-Let. 

So there we are crossing the finish line inside Raley Field in West Sacramento. A final count of just under 1:44:00 averaging about 7:50/mi pace. 

Another smile at the finish line and excitement and reminder for me to go after the next one. 

Race Recap: Sac Beer Week 5k

The Sac Beer Week 5k has been an event that has been going for a couple of years now. This last weekend was my first go at the event hosted by Sloppy Moose Running Club and Sacramento Beer Week. The 5k draws people from all experiences of running, from fast racing club members to the casual social 5k’er.

Before the race people get there pretty early, compared to other 5k’s. The 5k is unlike most other races, as it prides itself on an event as well. The event side of the race is very well organized. With beers pouring at New Helvetia and various vendors along the closed street, this is an event that everyone should put on their calendar for years to come. Not to mention that the race starts later in the day, with an 11AM start this allows people to sleep in and still enjoy a race without having to get up super early to get race ready.

The 5K loop takes participants around the Land Park neighborhood. Starting at New Helvetia the route runs west on Broadway then turning left onto Land Park Drive. The course continues with another left on 11th, before hitting a left at Freeport. I know a lot of left turns… Then with a final left turn onto Broadway it is back to where it all started at NewHelvetia.

Upon crossing the finish line runners who are of age are welcomed with a beer and high fives. There were a handful on 9RUN6 peeps at the event which was cool to see! Congrats to the dude Run BMC for winning the race.

After the finish line was crossed the festivities continued which included a lot of photos, consumption of craft beer and nibbling a of pretzels.

First race of 2017✓

So on Saturday night a series of text messages were exchanged between myself and Brian aka Run BMC. Those text messages went like this …


Notice nothing about running a race, just strictly about running …


Again nothing about racing … just training … making it a little later than the 6AM that was planned.

Now fast forward to me leaving my house this morning …


Still nothing about running a race …

So as I pulled off of the freeway to get to Brian’s house, I thought, hey I think there is a race this morning, let’s throw it out there to see if it works with BMC’s schedule.

As I pull up to his house to start a training run, I grab my phone and pull up the Davis Stampede website as I am walking to cross the street. At that moment, I say “Hey Brian, Davis Stampede is this morning, check out these age group times, I think we should run it and get some bling”, I say it partially joking and partially serious, but didn’t really expect us to decide to jump up for a race.

After a couple of minutes, Brian says “Let me tell the wife what the plans are”. Next thing you know it we are headed off of Davis, Ca for the Davis Stampede 5k, 10k and half marathon.

Due to not really training for the race, nor being in serious race fitness levels, the 5k was the easiest one for us to sign up and not crush our spirits.

So we roll up to the onsite registration table, fill out the form, collect our bib, safety pins and t-shirt and were ready to roll.

After a 12 minute warm-up it was time to toe the line and see what this morning had for us. Neither one of us really knew what to expect out of the course, the field or anything else really, except that we were going to run a 5k.

The half and 10k took off at 8AM, and the 5k was scheduled to take off about 10 minutes later, which it did. This is were we kind of knew something would cause a little bit of congestion, because there is no way that 10 minutes was long enough to clear the section that the 5k runners would run, at least the front end of the 5k group and the back end of the 10k / half group.

Boom when the “horn” sent us off for the 5k start, a group of about 20 runners jumped ahead and it was pretty much the lead group of about 8-10 runners then another pack of runners, which I was included in right behind then. This lasted for about the first mile or so, then the gap increased for the front runners and a trail of runners steadily moving along.

At around the 4k mark, there was a walk path tunnel, that caused some back up between the 5k front runners and the middle group of the 10k and half marathoners, from speaking to Brian, who finished 8th overall, he got stuck in the same area that I did and I came in 17th overall.

So after some dodging and zig-zagging amongst other runners, it opened back up as us 5k runners hit a left to finish off the final 600 meters and everyone else had to run over a bridge to finish their distances.

To both of our surprises and non-surprises, Brian and I cleaned up the Age 35-39 division taking 1st and 3rd respectively and 8th and 17th overall. Not a bad days work for deciding to drive to Davis instead of running 13 just for the sake of running 13 miles.


Back at it with #TeamNuun


I am glad to announce that I will be representing #TeamNuun for the 2017 year! Since being introduced to Nuun, I have been fortunate to be part of their team since 2012.

What does this all mean? Well you can expect me to continue to post about my enjoyment and joy of using Nuun products in training and throughout the day. Being part of Team Nuun also allows me to interact and meet other awesome members who enjoy the product and are part of the team. I will also be seen working Nuun booths at various events including race expos.

From Nuun I will get exposure through their social media accounts about races and events I am part of, I get an early preview of new products and get to sample them, have the opportunity to race with other Team Nuun members.

The #NSCAAla Experience

Every year, I look forward to the NSCAA Convention that typically is held in an east coast city, but with it coming to California this last week, I definitely had to jump on the chance to attend it in my home state. I mean if it were in another state I would have probably attended it anyways, considering I have traveled to multiple conventions in the past years, most recently the Indy convention and the Philly convention.

For myself like many other coaches, my experience started on Thursday, when training sessions started at the LA Convention Center. After a mid-morning flight from SMF down to LAX and a quick Uber ride over to the Ramada, which would be home until Sunday for me, I was ready to get over to the convention center.

Once I got to the convention center I checked in, where I would receive my badge for the weekend, some goodies like a shirt and other convention related stuff, I was ready to make my way over to the demo fields where most of my Thursday would be spent watching some training sessions, while meeting some friends who I haven’t seen in sometime.


The NSCAA Convention weekend isn’t just about the coaching education side of things it is a time to catch up with friends and network with others in the same career path as myself. The first coach I caught up with was my old head coach who I worked with as his assistant when I was Gabe Bolton, head women’s coach at Cal State Stanislaus. At that time I was also introduced to the women’s coaching staff of Fresno Community College.

A few hours later my running partner and friend Alexia, Head Women’s Coach at Arizona Western College, arrived and made her way to the convention center. For the whole weekend I would spend plenty of time with her and Rod Underwood, who arrived on Friday morning.

Thursday night, after grabbing dinner at Tom’s Urban, Alexia and I headed over to the exhibit hall which had soccer vendors promoting various products ranging from soccer balls to soccer related technology. The event that night would last from 6PM – 9PM, I know most people would think how could someone spend 3 hours around vendors. Like I mentioned before, the convention was more than just soccer it was about catching up with a lot of friends from the soccer world. This was the case as we spent all 3 hours walking the exhibit hall talking to people, meeting people and getting free stuff from vendors.

Below is a photo of all the swag I picked up on Thursday night.


After putting in some steps and walking about, it was time to call it a night for Thursday as Friday and Saturday would be packed with meetings and taking in more soccer and connecting with friends.

When Friday rolled around, Alexia and I started the morning off with a run which we also did on Saturday and Sunday morning before heading out of town. Saturday morning we ran around the LA Live area and took in the sights without all of the soccer hustle and bustle going on.

Friday involved more training sessions, the MLS Draft and meetings during the morning then heading over for a Sports Management World Wide networking social in the evening, who I would be joining on Saturday for a panel discussion regarding cutting edge technology.

As noon rolled around on Friday, it was time to head over to one of the main events of the weekend … the MLS Draft. Here we would see some familiar faces, and enjoy the moment when these college players would hear their name called and the future of their professional career would begin.

After socializing at the network event, Alexia and I connected with other former Cal State Stanislaus assistant coaches, Jenny, Dom and the one that got away Roman (he never coached at Stan State, but he did play there). Jenny received the Western Region NAIA Coach of the Year which she was presented on Thursday night.


Later in that evening, Rod joined us with his close friend and former teammate Osh, who is the Technical Director  for the Welsh FA and Assistant Manger of the Welsh National Team. With some late night fun, it was time to call it a night before starting another day on Saturday.

When Saturday morning rolled around it was time for another run with Alexia, before heading to the convention center. Saturday morning consisted of a successful meeting with Mark, president of Bow Net.

One of the better sessions I was able to attend during the event was by John Pascarella who I would be sitting with at the panel later in the day. His topic was on goalkeeping, which involved technical warm-ups to tactical play and decision making.


During the time out watching sessions I was also able to catch of with SRFC Academy Alumni and one of my former youth players Will Dubay, who now plays at Loyola Marymount University. His college team was one of the teams being used for one of the training sessions that afternoon.


My role of presenting and being part of the panel would begin at 3PM, so I made my way over to the JW Marriott where the panel would take place. It was an opportunity to share my experience along side with other panel members John Pascarella (Head Coach, Des Moines Menace) and Matt Martin (Portland Timbers Head of Domestic Scouting).

As the Saturday started to wind down and same with the convention itself, it was time to grab some dinner, this time we headed over to Yard House also in the LA Live area. After grabbing a bite, we would head back to the Convention Center to watch some of the 4v4 Tournament which is a convention tradition, played by coaches who attended the convention. We didn’t go to play, but rather just to watch and enjoy the rest of our time out there before the Sunday travel day.


With the trip wrapping up it was time for an early workout before heading over to LAX for a morning flight back to Sacramento.

It was another fantastic trip down to LA for the convention and cannot wait to attend the the NSCAA Convention in Philly from January 10 to the 14, 2018.

#Dynamover [Sponsored Post]


A few days ago my Dynamover Knee Brace by Whole You was sent to me. Before I got the product sent to me I was asked my size, not knowing how the Dynamover fit, I referred to the website to see how to properly measure my knee to determine the best size and fit. I measured at the kneecap while in a standing position at 16 inches, the second part was measured 6 inches above my knee cap, where I measured 19 inches. With this information I determined that my best size and fit would be a size 4.

Before throwing it on and taking it for a “spin”, I do the same thing with each product and examine the packaging and item right out of the box.

The corners of the packaging looked a little worn, I suspect that is from the shipping process. The only reason I bring this is up is incase there are any snags in the product once I actually open the packaging and examine the Dynamover.

The back of the packaging included the sizing chart that I saw online, as well as some information about the product.

Inside the package along with the brace included a “How to” card, which shows you how to properly place the brace on the knee, along with information about some of the technical side of the product, that I will dive deeper into later.

Now that all of the packaging and informational card were looked at it was time to break into the Dynamover. The first thing I noticed the various fabrics that made up the knee brace. Various areas provided more structure and support, while others provided more stretch and mobility. The orange patters on the front and back of the brace, seemed to provide more of a cosmetic purpose, as the patterns seemed to have been screened onto the product. After looking at the informational guide and how to wear the brace correctly. The front orange pattern did serve a purpose as to let you know where to place the center of the knee cap within the non-orange area.

Now it was time to put the brace on …


Once I had the brace on the first thing I had noticed was that the brace felt a bit snug, I wrote that off to being brand new and I would quickly find out how much comfort and support the brace would provide.

With the brace on, I went out for a walk to see if it would loosen up a bit which it did after about 20-30 yards of just walking.

I then put it to a test on the run, checking for a couple key things. Would it slide down or shift around and would it allow me to move in a natural position or would it provide too much support that my knee wouldn’t have the flexibility that I prefer.

With one mile down, I did a quick check of the the positioning of the brace, and it held up to where it was originally was placed. So the product did not slide around or roll down even with the material it is made of .

The second main focus being the flexibility or support, was tough to truly gauge. Because I am not one to things around my knees and at the same doing a product test, I did notice it very much so. Not so much the over structure keeping the knee in place, but rather the presence of the product around my knee. Out of fairness, the Dynamover didn’t provide any discomfort, but rather did add some stability to a (left) knee that was giving a little issue for about a week now. Really the product is something that will provide me more value over time, or at least allow me to see it’s real impact over time wearing it not just for the purpose of a product test / review but for my day to day needs while having a little twinge going on in my knee.


After taking the brace off, I did notice the amount it did stretch prior to putting it on. Right out of the box, it was pretty flat. As you can see in the photo above there is a little more shape to the Dynamover.

In regards to my overall opinion in the quality and performance on the brace it really passes the test. Over the years especially having dealt with meniscus surgery I have worn my fair share of knee braces. I can definitely say that the Dynamover is like no other one that I have ever used in the past. The overall comfort, flexibility and stability / support it provides would be something that I would like to emphasis in the Dynamover. If you have tried different knee braces and cannot find that one, that just fits right, this is one that will fit right. The material that constructs the Dynamover provided me with a glove like feel without the overly restrictive feel to it. To be honest, I am quit surprised that something so light and something so compact can provide all the needs I would want in a knee brace.

If you don’t want to be sidelined you can stay active with Dynamover! 

From a technical standpoint here is some of the information that Whole You provides in regards to the Dynamover Knee Brace:

Dynamover is a revolutionary knee brace with Active Comfort Weaving Technology. With a unique, seamless five zone design, it provides different levels of compression to different areas of the knee. You get the comfort, support and flexibility that allows you to move more so you can maximize your potential. Now you can live out loud and live whole.


·       Zone 1 provides high stretch for strong compression around the patella to support the knee.

·       In Zone 2, the moderate stretch allows flexibility around the thigh and knee.

·       To prevent slip-down during even the most active exercises, Zone 3 has an elastic weave.

·       On the back of the knee, Zone 4 has a high density weave to stabilize the knee.

·       And Zone 5 delivers exceptional breathability and flexibility thanks to the honeycomb weave.


With its six different sizes, it’s easy to find a Dynamover that fits you best. To determine the size that is best for you, measure the circumference of the knee directly across the middle of the patella while standing, then compare your results to the Dynamover size chart.

 If you are still unsure, you can also consult your physician for advice on sizing.


It’s simple to keep clean the natural rubber brace. Just hand wash with mild soap in warm water and allow to air dry.

Now that you have all of the information and are in the market for a proper comfortable knee brace. For a limited time, get 50% off and free shipping on Dynamover. That’s a savings of over $35. And it comes with a money-back guarantee. Use my promo code: MALENAB to save now.


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