It all comes down to Sunday

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Photo courtesy of Fox 40 News, reported by Ben Deci 11/30/17

Well it comes down to a shakeout run tomorrow and then 26.2 miles on Sunday morning. Unlike in the past I would do weekly updates on my blog about my training, outside of an occasional Instagram post and uploading my workouts / runs onto Strava, I have been pretty quiet about my training cycle this time around, which started back on July 31 (Monday).

The build up for Sunday’s California International Marathon has been an exciting, aggressive, frustrating and enjoyable training cycle. Here is a quick snap shot of the last 18 weeks of training by the numbers:

  • 1413.28 total running miles (not counting Saturday Shakeout 2-3 miles)
  • Seven consecutive 100+ mile weeks
  • 125 days (not counting tomorrow’s shakeout meet-up run)
  • 18 weeks of dedicated training
  • 14 months since my last marathon
  • 3 week taper cycle

Hitting a lot of miles was my main goal for this cycle. Along with a lot of running, I did a lot of strength training and stretching. The more impact and stress I put onto my legs the more I wanted to focus on preventative care rather than dealing with injuries as they occurred.

By running 100 mile weeks and running on tired legs, it provided me the strength and will to work through the final miles of a workout. Let’s be honest for anyone who has ever run a marathon, no matter how fit or ready you are, the final 10k is the biggest challenge of the race. Training hard doesn’t make the challenge go away, it makes us confident when that time comes in the race.

After skipping last year’s CIM, I was set and focused on training for this one, I through down a lofty goal in my journal to run a sub 3-hour marathon, will I run it? I guess we will have to wait and see come Sunday morning. No matter what happens, I can only trust the training and throw down the hammer on Sunday and run smart but be courageous at the same time. As a side note my previous best is a 3:04:06, which was achieved in 2014 and got me into Boston 2016 (my BQ is 3:10:00).

Along with running another marathon on Sunday, this will be my 10th CIM and 30th marathon overall. The thought of attempting a sub 3 scared the shit out of me when I first started, but what is a goal if it doesn’t scare or challenge you?

Are you running CIM?  If so what are your goals? What was the most miles you ran in a week? 

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