Race Report: Davis Moo-nlight 5k

Last week I ran my first race in nearly 4 months, so what do I do as an encore? Run another 5k one week later of course. This time I took on an evening run in Davis, CA at the Moo-nlight 5k, 10k, 10-mile, and half marathon put on by A Change of Pace. Unlike 99% of other races that I participate in this one starts of at 7:15PM for the 5k, the other distances started at 7PM. So you can only imagine how hot it was if you were anywhere near the Sacramento or Davis area this past weekend. For those that weren’t it was about 97 degrees at start time.

Before I get into the race day experience I had grand ideas of blasting the race management on some of the pre-race organizational experiences I had along with other people around me during the race day packet pick-up. However rather than blasting them, I want to celebrate the run, the fact that I am fortunate enough to partake in races like last night and experience running on a day to day basis. Running is a gift and a few bumps in the road at a packet pick-up shouldn’t derail me from the enjoyment of lacing up the shoes for a race. That feeling is once again enjoyable for me. If you didn’t read my blog post from last week’s race check it out: Race Report: No Excuses 5k.

So I decided jumping into this race sometime mid-week when I saw it online that the race was scheduled for Saturday July 8. I had previously run this event at the half-marathon distance about 4 years ago, so I knew about it as a past participant. On Saturday morning, I saw the 9RUN6 homie Run BMC and he decided to join into the run as well.

Around 5:30PM I made my way to Brian’s (BMC) residence, picked him up and we were then headed off to Davis, about a 25 minute drive West of Downtown Sacramento. Upon arrival we ran into Kevin, another 9RUN6 crew member, who was there to pace the 1:30 half-marathon group. Along with running for 9RUN6 Kevin runs for Golden Valley Harriers (GVH), who provides the pacing for many of the Change of Pace events.


Once we got to the packet pick-up it was like a hurry up and wait type of thing, but isn’t that how all race day events typically end up being. Get there early to wait ….

So the waiting game continued one the bib was pinned to the singlet and the gear was checked into the gear check area.

Right before the start of the half-marathon, 10-mile and 10k groups, Brian and I took for a slow and easy warm-up, though to be honest warming up probably wasn’t really needed since we were warm from being outdoors, but nonetheless it provided to kill some time for us. As we rounded back around to the start line area, the 5k group was called into the shoot for the start of the 5k.

Boom, we were off! The course had a lot of twist and turns for the short distance, about 22 different turns from left to right and right to left. Along with battling the heat, the twist and turns, there was the variations of surfaces going from cement, pavement, and crushed gravel trails. Check out the Relive video below of the twisting and turning along the run.

So after the crossing of the finish line with an official time of 20:48 (approx. 6:37/mile), I headed to give the fist bumps with BMC who crossed the line at 18:59, We then found out that he finished 5th overall and I had finished 8th overall, with a 1-2 finish in our 35-39 age division.

Now for the negative complaint of mine regarding the age group finishes … The website states the following:IMG_4274

So I guess age group awards weren’t really clearly stated? But anyways, previous Change of Pace races did award top 3 in each age group. So Brian and I headed to where the computers were set up to check out final times, and the only person there stated they didn’t have age group awards, though that part stated above makes one wonder did they not order the age group awards? Otherwise why even bother listing anything about age group awards?

Okay enough about the age group awards…

We did enjoy a post race beverage courtesy of Sudwerks which was located just down the street, at the race they offered two of the beers they had on tap in the area next to the live band.

While throwing back a beverage, Brian and I noticed that the half marathon clock was getting close to the 1:30:00 mark so we headed back towards the course standing near the 13 mile marker. We clapped people in, who were looking pretty upset, probably because of the heat.

We saw Kevin coming in but noticed he was about 4 minutes behind the clock, so a bit concerned we went over to him as he crossed the area. Come to find out the course was long … which threw off all of the pacers and the splits.


Even with the longer half-marathon course, Kevin and all of participants in yesterday’s race did a fantastic job battling the heat and the other uncontrollable conditions.

After the race, which was odd finishing after dinner time, we opted to grab some bites in Downtown Davis before heading back to Sacramento. So there it was my 2nd race in a matter of 7 days after taking 4 months off of any races.

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