Race Recap: Blue Diamond Shamrock’n Half Marathon

The Blue Diamond Shamrock’n half marathon is one of those local favorites made up of some of the local fast runners to the first time halfers. Having participated for a number of years now, I really enjoy the course that has changed over the years but always incorporates starting and finishing in or around Raley Field in West Sacramento. 

In the past few years I have had specific goals in mind when running the event, either running for a specific time, personal best or assisting in the race by pacing a friend to a personal best. This years race was a little different. I can honestly say, the race wasn’t part of a biggger picture training plan or anything related to finishing a specific time. This year was just about running it, I will be the first to admit that when the Pony Express Marathon was cancelled back in February, all of my training fell off. When I originally was looking at this race it was supposed to be a tune up half for the April marathon, but that all changed in February. So this time around it was one of those let’s hope to finish in a respectable way. Only the 13.1 would really determine that. 

I didn’t make a trip to the pre race packet pick up, but rather did the pick up at the morning of the race. After a quick stop to pick up Run BMC we were headed off to Raley Field for the race. There we pulled into the free parking at the stadium grounds then proceeded into getting the swag. BMC already had his so, he was just along for the trip to the pick up tents with me. 

The dark green tech shirt is what accompanied the bib, free beer band, and other race information. With all of the goodies in hand it was just a matter of time before we would head to the start line and get ready to run another half marathon. 

Like most other races it only took a few miles to figure out this race wasn’t going to be one for the ages, but was I really a surprised? The answer is, No! However the first 3 miles were somewhat decent as BMC and I ran between 7:40-7:30 per mile. Just after mile 3 I yelled to BMC and told him I’m hitting the toilet and for him to keep moving. He did, I stopped, but not my watch. Yes watches shouldn’t be stopped during races. 

With time lost along with some of the previous nights meal, it was about finishing and having a good time. A few miles down the road I saw Ethan and Alexia along the course cheering runners on. Here Ethan asked me about my recent rest room stop. 

As the route moved into the final stretch from Land Park back to downtown, I saw 3 parts of Fit Fam 6. There we talked about poop, yes that’s when you know you’re at a running event when poop is part of the conversation. Apparently BMC told all of our common friends along the route that I had to poop. So rather than denying it, I embraced my human side and confirmed yes in fact I did stop to poop at a Port-O-Let. 

So there we are crossing the finish line inside Raley Field in West Sacramento. A final count of just under 1:44:00 averaging about 7:50/mi pace. 

Another smile at the finish line and excitement and reminder for me to go after the next one. 

One thought on “Race Recap: Blue Diamond Shamrock’n Half Marathon

  1. Way to finish! Great seeing you on the course and talking “poop” with you. Ha!


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