First race of 2017✓

So on Saturday night a series of text messages were exchanged between myself and Brian aka Run BMC. Those text messages went like this …


Notice nothing about running a race, just strictly about running …


Again nothing about racing … just training … making it a little later than the 6AM that was planned.

Now fast forward to me leaving my house this morning …


Still nothing about running a race …

So as I pulled off of the freeway to get to Brian’s house, I thought, hey I think there is a race this morning, let’s throw it out there to see if it works with BMC’s schedule.

As I pull up to his house to start a training run, I grab my phone and pull up the Davis Stampede website as I am walking to cross the street. At that moment, I say “Hey Brian, Davis Stampede is this morning, check out these age group times, I think we should run it and get some bling”, I say it partially joking and partially serious, but didn’t really expect us to decide to jump up for a race.

After a couple of minutes, Brian says “Let me tell the wife what the plans are”. Next thing you know it we are headed off of Davis, Ca for the Davis Stampede 5k, 10k and half marathon.

Due to not really training for the race, nor being in serious race fitness levels, the 5k was the easiest one for us to sign up and not crush our spirits.

So we roll up to the onsite registration table, fill out the form, collect our bib, safety pins and t-shirt and were ready to roll.

After a 12 minute warm-up it was time to toe the line and see what this morning had for us. Neither one of us really knew what to expect out of the course, the field or anything else really, except that we were going to run a 5k.

The half and 10k took off at 8AM, and the 5k was scheduled to take off about 10 minutes later, which it did. This is were we kind of knew something would cause a little bit of congestion, because there is no way that 10 minutes was long enough to clear the section that the 5k runners would run, at least the front end of the 5k group and the back end of the 10k / half group.

Boom when the “horn” sent us off for the 5k start, a group of about 20 runners jumped ahead and it was pretty much the lead group of about 8-10 runners then another pack of runners, which I was included in right behind then. This lasted for about the first mile or so, then the gap increased for the front runners and a trail of runners steadily moving along.

At around the 4k mark, there was a walk path tunnel, that caused some back up between the 5k front runners and the middle group of the 10k and half marathoners, from speaking to Brian, who finished 8th overall, he got stuck in the same area that I did and I came in 17th overall.

So after some dodging and zig-zagging amongst other runners, it opened back up as us 5k runners hit a left to finish off the final 600 meters and everyone else had to run over a bridge to finish their distances.

To both of our surprises and non-surprises, Brian and I cleaned up the Age 35-39 division taking 1st and 3rd respectively and 8th and 17th overall. Not a bad days work for deciding to drive to Davis instead of running 13 just for the sake of running 13 miles.


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