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A few days ago my Dynamover Knee Brace by Whole You was sent to me. Before I got the product sent to me I was asked my size, not knowing how the Dynamover fit, I referred to the website to see how to properly measure my knee to determine the best size and fit. I measured at the kneecap while in a standing position at 16 inches, the second part was measured 6 inches above my knee cap, where I measured 19 inches. With this information I determined that my best size and fit would be a size 4.

Before throwing it on and taking it for a “spin”, I do the same thing with each product and examine the packaging and item right out of the box.

The corners of the packaging looked a little worn, I suspect that is from the shipping process. The only reason I bring this is up is incase there are any snags in the product once I actually open the packaging and examine the Dynamover.

The back of the packaging included the sizing chart that I saw online, as well as some information about the product.

Inside the package along with the brace included a “How to” card, which shows you how to properly place the brace on the knee, along with information about some of the technical side of the product, that I will dive deeper into later.

Now that all of the packaging and informational card were looked at it was time to break into the Dynamover. The first thing I noticed the various fabrics that made up the knee brace. Various areas provided more structure and support, while others provided more stretch and mobility. The orange patters on the front and back of the brace, seemed to provide more of a cosmetic purpose, as the patterns seemed to have been screened onto the product. After looking at the informational guide and how to wear the brace correctly. The front orange pattern did serve a purpose as to let you know where to place the center of the knee cap within the non-orange area.

Now it was time to put the brace on …


Once I had the brace on the first thing I had noticed was that the brace felt a bit snug, I wrote that off to being brand new and I would quickly find out how much comfort and support the brace would provide.

With the brace on, I went out for a walk to see if it would loosen up a bit which it did after about 20-30 yards of just walking.

I then put it to a test on the run, checking for a couple key things. Would it slide down or shift around and would it allow me to move in a natural position or would it provide too much support that my knee wouldn’t have the flexibility that I prefer.

With one mile down, I did a quick check of the the positioning of the brace, and it held up to where it was originally was placed. So the product did not slide around or roll down even with the material it is made of .

The second main focus being the flexibility or support, was tough to truly gauge. Because I am not one to things around my knees and at the same doing a product test, I did notice it very much so. Not so much the over structure keeping the knee in place, but rather the presence of the product around my knee. Out of fairness, the Dynamover didn’t provide any discomfort, but rather did add some stability to a (left) knee that was giving a little issue for about a week now. Really the product is something that will provide me more value over time, or at least allow me to see it’s real impact over time wearing it not just for the purpose of a product test / review but for my day to day needs while having a little twinge going on in my knee.


After taking the brace off, I did notice the amount it did stretch prior to putting it on. Right out of the box, it was pretty flat. As you can see in the photo above there is a little more shape to the Dynamover.

In regards to my overall opinion in the quality and performance on the brace it really passes the test. Over the years especially having dealt with meniscus surgery I have worn my fair share of knee braces. I can definitely say that the Dynamover is like no other one that I have ever used in the past. The overall comfort, flexibility and stability / support it provides would be something that I would like to emphasis in the Dynamover. If you have tried different knee braces and cannot find that one, that just fits right, this is one that will fit right. The material that constructs the Dynamover provided me with a glove like feel without the overly restrictive feel to it. To be honest, I am quit surprised that something so light and something so compact can provide all the needs I would want in a knee brace.

If you don’t want to be sidelined you can stay active with Dynamover! 

From a technical standpoint here is some of the information that Whole You provides in regards to the Dynamover Knee Brace:

Dynamover is a revolutionary knee brace with Active Comfort Weaving Technology. With a unique, seamless five zone design, it provides different levels of compression to different areas of the knee. You get the comfort, support and flexibility that allows you to move more so you can maximize your potential. Now you can live out loud and live whole.


·       Zone 1 provides high stretch for strong compression around the patella to support the knee.

·       In Zone 2, the moderate stretch allows flexibility around the thigh and knee.

·       To prevent slip-down during even the most active exercises, Zone 3 has an elastic weave.

·       On the back of the knee, Zone 4 has a high density weave to stabilize the knee.

·       And Zone 5 delivers exceptional breathability and flexibility thanks to the honeycomb weave.


With its six different sizes, it’s easy to find a Dynamover that fits you best. To determine the size that is best for you, measure the circumference of the knee directly across the middle of the patella while standing, then compare your results to the Dynamover size chart.

 If you are still unsure, you can also consult your physician for advice on sizing.


It’s simple to keep clean the natural rubber brace. Just hand wash with mild soap in warm water and allow to air dry.

Now that you have all of the information and are in the market for a proper comfortable knee brace. For a limited time, get 50% off and free shipping on Dynamover. That’s a savings of over $35. And it comes with a money-back guarantee. Use my promo code: MALENAB to save now.


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