Blood Don’t Lie …


As many of you that follow me on social media might know that I am a big fan of Inside Tracker. I have gone through numerous test with them to see my biomarker levels and credit them for my athletic successes and overall health. Here are my older post about Inside Tracker:





My most recent test results came in through my email on Tuesday (December 13, 2016). Honestly, I was a little bit nervous because I wasn’t certain what the information would bring me because I knew my eating habits were not up to par with that in the past. Over the last couple of months, I felt sluggish, didn’t sleep as well as I wanted, and my training has not been as consistent as it has in the past.

With knowing this, before opening the link to my dashboard on Inside Tracker, I knew one thing through the various testing cycles, is that the “Blood Don’t Lie” … someone wise said that before, but I don’t know who … 🙂

So here was the moment of truth, sometimes the truth hurts or isn’t what we want to hear, but when it comes to health and life, I think it is better to know that truth than to see it with foggy glasses. The truth especially with this information provided by Inside Tracker will help me make the changes in my habits for the better. Because that is what it comes down to change habits, we get into a routine or at least I do, mostly due to connivence. That cycle continues day after day, week after week and month after month. I do believe that one slice of cake won’t change my training or sleep, but a whole cake week after week will. I am not saying that I am eating a cake a week, but you get the picture.

The first thing I clicked on was the dashboard to see my overall test numbers, not looking at specifics in regards to the individual bio-markers but rather just the categories of optimal, needs work and at-risk. Here is what I saw:


I mean it is easy to be fascinated with the Optimal bio-markers but I am not here to celebrate the ones that I was successful with, I want to know which ones I need to focus on more to get everything to optimal.

After seeing the graph above, I then went into Bloodwork Analysis & Recommendations section and clicked on the “At-Risk” grouping. Here I found that my white blood cells to be high. I spent a lot of time reading over this section to understand what it all meant and how to help lower it. One of the biggest things for this is to get proper 8 hours of sleep, I never realized how important it was to get the sleep in regards to my bio-markers because I feel like my duties and work and at home have not been effected. My priority needs to be on sleep rather than late evening work emails etc.

The next group I looked into was the “Needs work” section. Here I found 6 bio-markers that include glucose, magnesium, vitamin B12, hsCRP, creatine kinase, cortisol, iron group, ferritin, lipid group, and total cholesterol. These markers effect my circulatory system, oxygen transfer, blood function, inflammation indicator, mood and sleep indicator, and my blood sugar.

When my shock of what I needed to work on I then jumped over to the Nutrition Tab. This is something newer to the dashboard from my previous post. It really breaks down what to consume, how much and how often. This might be my favorite section in the entire account screen. screen-shot-2016-12-16-at-4-02-41-pm Without giving away too much below each section, are the food recommendations that show the food, amount and frequency. The other awesome part is that each food includes some sort of recipe so eating doesn’t get so boring.

Now that I have the information … The next steps is to put together a list of what I need to get at the grocery store, or what I need to stop taking supplements of. Starting next week, I will have more pre-planned meals and put all of my meals and snacks in Tupperware containers to make it easy to grab and go my meals throughout the day and week.

The next few months is about changing my habits for the better. I’ll be posting updates on how I feel and some of the changes that I see during the process. This will be my most challenging cycle after having worked with the Inside Tracker information.

If you want to get into the action hit up my boy Jonathan at Inside Tracker for more information. Dude is on all social media platforms but I usually communicate with him on twitter.

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