It’s Just Running …

So yesterday was the California International Marathon. During the week I posted on Instagram that CIM would be my 10th CIM and 30th overall marathon. However, things took a turn when I opted to not toe the line on Sunday morning as I posted on Instagram.


So what’s next people ask? Well running will always continue because running is just something I do not who I am. Yes it is a very important part of my life, and I can be very stubborn most of the time with my streak that is over 1,000 days of consecutive running.

It goes back to the drawing board to figure out my next race and apply my NOT SO SECRETS TO SUCCESS! When I figure out my next marathon to put on my calendar probably sometime in the spring or very late winter … these are the steps I will take …

  1. Treat each workout as if it is going to be the workout that will make or break my race day goal.
  2. Respect the training, yes that means run easy when it is supposed to be an easy workout.
  3. Make sure my goals are set and attainable based on where I am physically, mentally and emotionally at that time.
  4. Remind myself of the big picture through the process.
  5. Come race day, leave everything on the course, trust my training and race the race like it is my last race.

Does it suck to not be posting a race recap after CIM, sure it does. However, it is just running and it will always be there. I’ll have plenty of races to run in the future and plenty of workouts to plan and get excited for.

Whats next on your race calendar?

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