It’s Marathon Week!


This weekend I am fortunate enough to toe the line for my 30th marathon and 10th California International Marathon. The course has been one for the ages, as it is the most frequented race I have done and is in my home town. With some great memories of working towards 2 Boston Marathon qualifying times to not so great results and experiences. No matter the time when I cross the mat it always brings a smile to my face as I run from Folsom to Sacramento.

With all of the hype going into marathon weekend, I see a lot of post about taper week. This post is all about taper week and how we can sabotage our weeks and months of training because we really get worked up about taper week(s).

Here are a couple of key things as we count the days to race day …

  • Treat taper week as a workout week, it’s part of the plan.
  • Don’t get over anxious that you aren’t running as many miles or running “hard” for most of the week like weeks past.
  • It is a week to rest the body after so many weeks of workouts.
  • It is also a week to rest the mind! If you get too emotionally attached to taper week it can have negative results in your race day plan. Let’s be honest, physical exertion is taxing on the body, but with stretching and rolling and yoga you can release that.  However, with anxiety from the mental standpoint, causes stress and that stress will result into a poor race weekend.

So just relax and enjoy the moments going into the race. Enough of how much taper week sucks and just see it as part of training and have fun these next few days going into the marathon.

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