Ghana Day 5: The beautiful game

So with the official footy events completed and a late flight on Thursday, we had the opportunity to do some sightseeing and experience Ghana as much as we could before heading back to our various homes in the States.

What we did on Thursday is best told through the photos I took throughout the day …

Our first trip was to the beach, where we walked around, grabbed some lunch where people came by hawking some items to us, which paid off for them and us as we were able to get some goodies to take home, while those guys made their cash.

While having our lunch we were treated by some kids doing some acrobatic dance moves. However, the highlight of the entertainment was by the guy with his guitar playing some Bob Marley jams for us.

After spending a few hours beach side, we headed downtown where we could do some shopping to pick up  more souvenirs to take home.

The highlight of the day had to have been when we traveled to the neighborhood of San Maria to donate some soccer gear to local players. The two clubs that presented shorts and jerseys to the players were Sacramento Republic FC and New York Cosmos (NASL).

With our time in Ghana running down it was time to say our thank you’s to our host and head to the airport

Final check through security at the airport … img_1426

Farewell Ghana … Taking the steps up to board the plane … img_1428

And here I am in Holland for a layover sharing my time in Ghana … What an amazing trip and place to visit. Thank you to the people of Ghana and the GFA (Ghana Football Association) for inviting us to experience your beautiful country and make new friends through the beautiful game.


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