Ghana Day 4: This is Ghana!

Today was another amazing day in the beautiful country of Ghana. Rather than using so many words let me share more photos as the day move along and the final whistle blew for the combine …

Morning run … Check

Breakfast … Check

Now let’s get to the fun stuff. From the hotel to the fields for the final day of play we took a different route, passing two buildings; a half completed soccer stadium and Ghana’s version of the White House.


The outside of a half completed stadium. The project ran out of money and is on hold until more funds are raised.


The Flagstaff House, which is like our White House in the United States.

Once we got to the field there was some pick up soccer being played.


See those stones, those were set up on each side of the “field” as their goals. Who needs all of the fancy stuff.

The games then played and a lot of good action was seen allowing the various staffs to take a final look at each player they needed to. After the final whistle, the group photos between the staff and players took place including some interviews about the last 3 days for the cameras.

After the matches it was time to head back to the hotel for a quick bite, before we headed to the Avenue neighborhood of Accra to watch two 2nd division competitive teams play. We went out specifically to watch a 16 year old kid name Baba, who is headed off to Italy shortly to play in the professional leagues there. Take a look at the routes and the field they played at …

After the match we headed back to the hotel to take a quick rest and talk players with some of the management of the Wa All Stars and the quality of their players before heading out to dinner …

We headed to a local restaurant … let me start of by saying it was delicious … here are the photos in order of how dinner went down …

Walking up to Mother Africa … the name of the restaurant…


Looking over the menu…


A local Ghana soda while we waited for our food…


Hand washing bowls to clean our hands for dinner, no utensils just hands to eat our African meal.


The friend plantains are served …


Here comes the rest of the food!


While I had vegetables and rice, others ate fried tilapia and rice.


Time for me to dig in!


With a full belly … It is time to call it a night. Tomorrow will be a fun soccer free day as we get to see some of the sights around Ghana before getting onto a late night plane at 10:25PM … heading home will be a busy travel schedule … I will fly 6 1/2 hours from Ghana to Amsterdam, then from Amsterdam I take a 10 1/2 hour flight to Portland, Oregon before heading home to Sacramento landing around 3:55PM on Friday.

Good night from Ghana and I will check back in with a blog post tomorrow!

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