What Happened?

Upset. Frustrated. Confused. Pissed Off.

For some.

Joy. Excitement. Win. Celebration.

For others.

What happened last night was historical … no matter which way you voted. On one side of the table we had someone who has no government or military experience on the other side we had a female candidate for a major party.

This isn’t a rant about politics but more about social observation…

What happened last night from a social standpoint had me thinking while I was getting ready for my workout this morning and even during my run / workout with some friends at 9RUN6.

Looking back as a first generation born in the United States, I knew who Donald Trump was … why? Because he was a multi-millionaire who owned the Trump Towers and Casino. He had the money and the lavish lifestyle that is glorified by today’s media. I mean we don’t have to limit it to Donald Trump, but look at today’s popular culture “we” (society through mainstream media) glorify million dollar athletes, high profile celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton, brands like Nike and Tesla, we have television shows dedicated to houses that are unpractical because of their ridiculous square footage. It’s part of the dream … I think? Go to school, get a high paying job and become famous … Find financial security …

We go to school to learn things that will make us reproduce things for consumption. It is a rat race to be able to produce something like the iPhone to get to the top. Not enough education is spent on building communities and communicating, it spent on building goods and selling products.

On social media, individuals quote Ghandi, but put value in the dollar over everything else. There is something wrong with that … But it is a capitalistic society in which we live in. So getting to the top is always something we pursue as a society.

We glorify celebrities with things like the walk of fame, with their images / names on stars. So no wonder as each generation starts to become members of our contributing community they are working for that same fame that is glorified.

There is something wrong when today’s society can name billionaires and brand names  quicker than community activist, teachers, public service people and thinkers. All of the memorials that are dedicated to the real progressive thinkers and community members are second tier to that of movie stars who set dollar figure records for a recent movie.

There is a lack of recognition for people who actually make our community better because controversy doesn’t sell. We attack people like Colin Kaepernick, but won’t correct people in the stands who keep their hats on or talk during the National Anthem. The correction starts there, with the people … the masses not just the celebrities.

The future of this country isn’t decided by just one person, we as Americans have to work together and make this a true democracy. On social media I read about how people are going to move to Canada, what good does that do? Running away never solves anything, how about we now work together on a daily basis to help get what we want from our government. The worst thing that can happen is people walk away, when people quit on something change for the positive will NEVER happen.

To avoid anything that we don’t want to see happen, we need to do a better job as a whole to start to plant seeds in our next generations to make sure they understand how to make a difference.

Yes I am bummed, I voted for Hillary and I feared the words that Donald Trump said during the campaign. With a son who is mixed, I fear for the hatred that could come about, but that won’t take away from my job as a father to raise him to be kind to others. Hate doesn’t warrant more hate towards others, otherwise then the other side wins.

The next four years will be interesting because of the unknown, but I am not going to quit on this country. The country was founded not on quitters but by dreams, intellectuals and creators who believed in something and made it happen. We need to get back to that.

When I woke up this morning the sun still rose, the world still revolved and I still have the same beautiful people in my life. The women in my life are still strong and powerful. My friends of different races are still amazing, my LGBT friends and family still do outstanding things, my friends of different religions are still active members of the communities in which I belong to.

If anything we need to come together more and talk more to help one another out, not quit on one another. The words by one person will not change the way I look at the people I interact with on a daily basis. My communities are still the same and will grow stronger over time.

What happened last night in the election will not derail me from my movement forward to do what needs to get done. In fact it will give me more power to try to use my voice and set an example through my actions to spark more positive change in our communities.

America wasn’t built by quitters, it was built by hard working individuals who put their lives on the line to get something that was right. When something goes wrong or different, we can’t just jump off the train, we have to problem solve as a community and work to fix it. We have to come together and make our voices heard and follow it up with action.

The world is still beautiful because of the people we see it with. Last night will not change my relationships, but rather it will just give us more strength and purpose. DO NOT QUIT on this … We do not want our kids to be quitters, at least I don’t want my son to see that from me or the people around me. I want him to become a strong contributing member of society, when his time comes. I want him to know that there are ways to influence people without being a high profile athlete or celebrity. I want him to be a thinker, innovator, a creator who cares and treats people kindly …

We need more people to encourage one another not discourage … more high-fives and hugs and less middle fingers … To me that is where it all starts …

I could be wrong, but this is my voice … I am proud to have one as an American.


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