22 Days of The Pushup Challenge

So back on October 9th, I was nominated by my cousin Edd to participate in the 22 Push Up Challenge which is a social media move to raiser awareness for combat veterans. The key notes to this is that on average, 22 veterans a day are committing suicide. It’s tragic and every vet deserves the resources to get help through this. Though the pushups themselves are not getting them help, it is getting the message out there that people can support vets in need through programs like the Head Strong Project, visit http://getheadstrong.org/ for more information.

Over the last 22 days I learned a lot about myself and those around me. Through the simple act of 22 push ups, I found that people can be part of a productive movement to help raise awareness. It also brought people together, in many of the video below, you can see that I didn’t do them alone, I was always accompanied by at least one person, and sometimes it was my son. Maybe he doesn’t understand the cause in which it is raising awareness for, but it did create a routine for him to know that being active is healthy and should be done. Others dove deep into the challenge as I nominated a new person each day, it created people to share what the 22 pushups represents.

At the beginning of the 22 days, I did have to take some breaks readjusting my feet or arms to get through the 22 push ups, but by the end it became routine and I was able to knock out the pushups in less than 30 seconds. For me it just continued to reinforce the idea that if you commit yourself to something you can get it done, it isn’t always easy, but we don’t always need easy we just need possible.

From the idea of a movement and awareness to getting people to do something active even as little as 22 pushups, I think the movement is something that can achieve so many different things along the way.

Check a look at some of the videos I picked to share over the last 22 days … Notice they were done in different places when I could and with different people when possible … did you do the 22 push up challenge? What came out of it after the 22 days? Let me know in the comments section below.


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