What’s on the Inside (Tracker)?

If you have followed my blog or other social media platforms you might have noticed that I credit a lot of my performance, not just to training, but to what I eat based on blood testing. The blood doesn’t lie! There is no getting around what is inside of you or what you put inside of you that can shape your training for a marathon and for life!

If you haven’t had a chance to read my past marathon successes and other races, I recommend that you read them before moving on in my blog post. Here is a list of previous write ups I have done about Inside Tracker.

Inside Tracker is a system that test various bio-markers to optimize performance and to make healthier choices that are relevant to you! Your health, is your health and there is no cookie-cutter diet that can make you gain the results you want specifically to your body and what is inside of you. Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 2.23.57 PM

There is no other product on the market like what Inside Tracker offers. The best part of the program and what they provide is they give you real hard data and information. There is no additional products they try to up sell you on. They aren’t a supplement company they are an information company! It is what you do with that information that provides you the gains you want to achieve.

If your health is something that is important to you then, Inside Tracker is something that needs to be seriously looked at.

In a March 9, 2016 interview with Men’s Journal (Click here for the full article) I had the opportunity to share my thoughts about Inside Tracker.

While a blood test from a routine physical contains much of the same information, there is an important difference between what you get from a doctor and what you get here: Physicians generally use data to look for problems; these services search for opportunities, putting test results into a context of peak performance and nutrition. Christopher Malenab, a semipro soccer coach and marathon runner in Sacramento, says information from a blood test led to dietary changes that helped him shave five minutes from his marathon time. “Blood doesn’t lie,” says Malenab. “It gives you hard data rather than just ‘I feel better.’ ”

The company provides a series of plans that you can purchase ranging in prices depending on what you want out of it. Again you are paying for the information, no other company does that. It is straight information that they have for you. Only you can determine what is important to you based on the results. CLICK HERE TO SEE THEIR PLANS. I recommend going with the High Performance Plan ($249) which provides the testing of 10 performance bio-markers and is perfect for the weekend warrior or the serious athlete. I prefer this plan because it doesn’t require fasting!

If you are interested in purchasing a plan I have a special code that will you some $!  Use code MALENABJULY when you purchase your plan.

What is your health worth to you? I think you need to take a serious look at what it is inside of you rather than just changing your training or readjusting your goals.


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