Boston2016: Pre Marathon Monday

The morning started off with a shakeout run of my own, heading up Centre towards Commonwealth, turning around at the area known as Heart Break Hill … the infamous hill that would eat up runners alive after 20 miles into the race. When I got up there, I was surprised with some awesome “No Stopping” street signs just near the Heart Break Hill Running Store.

After getting my final run in before the big show on Monday, we headed out for the day into Boston, where I would have a chance to get a #FuckYeah photo with the dudes who started the free fitness movement known as November Project, both Brogan and Bojan have been very inspirational to me, I am honored to call them my friends. So knowing that I would be able to catch up with these dudes in their hometown of Boston was a plus.


With our 11:30AM Boston Duck Tours tickets soon approaching, we headed over to the Prudential Center building where the pick up was scheduled for. These Duck Boat tours are pretty awesome, as they are old military vehicles converted for sightseeing. The boats go on both land and water. The scheduled tour would be taking us through various historical sights around Boston, it was a great way to see the city without having to walk around so much, which for me was important considering I was about to run 26.2 miles the following day.

We ventured through out the various parts of Boston, seeing Bunker Hill, going in and out of the Charles River, seeing the location of the Boston Massacre, while learning about historical moments in Boston’s history. For anyone taking in some sightseeing, I highly recommend this company as well as looking to get into “The Cod Father’s” boat, that was the driver who took us around the city, he was very informative and really funny as well.

A late lunch was in the schedule, where we would meet up with my dude Chris Kovalchick and his friend’s Chris and Rachel, we made our way to connect with them off of Boylston Street and walked around finding a pasta place that had minimal waiting. After throwing down some carbs we visited a nearby pop-up shop named Tracksmith, their gear was legit! I purchased a tank that had “BQ 16” on it, there was so much more I wanted to grab but didn’t want to over purchase on this trip.

With time to spend as a family, we asked Donovan where he wanted to go, he wanted to go to the park, so we found one near Newton where he was able to run around, and do what he does best … find sticks and swing them around! We also made a stop by Ladder 15 one of the Boston Fire Departments that allowed us to go into the firehouse and let Donovan sit in one of the trucks.

As dinner time rolled around we kept it low key by grabbing some grub at the hotel restaurant.

With the tummy full, it was time to head back to room to get everything situated for the following morning … you know lay out the gear and take a flat runner, because if you don’t post it on social media the run isn’t really going to happen.


Donovan also had to make sure my glasses for the race were proper, which provided me with an awesome laugh before I hit the sack.


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