Boston2016: Day 2 …

Day 2 in Boston started off with a meet-up shake out run with Runner’s World‘s very own Chief Running Officer Bart Yasso. I woke up pretty early after a solid night of shut eye from the day prior, drove over to the Sheraton Hotel where the meet up run was scheduled to take place, there we were welcomed with some free swag and some delicious treats and coffee.

With 8AM rolling around Bart gathered everyone together and we started on our way along the Charles River, during the 3ish mile run, I was able to chat with other runners getting ready for Monday, along with some members of Runner’s World such as Bart himself, their marketing director, and one of their writers who does all of the gadget and shoe reviews. Sorry I am poor at names, but it was awesome chatting it up with them.

After the run, we headed back to the Sheraton, where we consumed more treats and shared more stories. I then headed back to the hotel to pick up Bethany and D, so we could start our day of marathon related events and doing some looking around Boston.

When we headed back down into Boston we made our way to grab some food at the famous Cheers bar, that influenced the 1980’s hit television series, for you young bucks reading my blog :). Here is a hidden gem when you visit that bar … if you want food and are willing to sit at the bar, which we did and they are kid friendly during family hours. Walk right in and say you are in for a drink and grab the first seat you find at the bar, they still serve the full menu. We got in and originally asked for a table, the wait to sit was about 60 minutes or so. I then asked the guy at the door, if they serve food at the bar and if kids are allowed in the bar area, he said yes they serve food and during family hours kids are allowed in any location.

So boom there we had it, some grub, a couple beverages and I even sat next to a guy named Norm … true story. I recommend their veggie panini, it was delicious!


Had to go “Where everybody knows your name” …

Now our bellies full, and a beverage consumed, it was time to head over to the Janji pop-up store for the #TeamNuun meet up and hangout. There I was not only treated with the presence of some awesome Nuun peeps, but also was surprised when I found out Chris McDougall was there! Yup, the dude who wrote Born to Run.

After exchanging some selfies, high-fives and hugs … it was time to let the kiddo run around and burn off some energy as he and Bethany are always patient when it comes to my running stuff, well Bethany more so than D.

We headed over to the Boston Commons and Public Gardens area, where there were hundred of people hanging out, running, walking, sitting down and playing. This area is also famous for the children’s story book, Make Way For  Ducklings. I’ll be honest, I didn’t know anything about it until Bethany educated me about it and we went to see the statues that were in the Public Gardens.

After a couple of hours in the Boston Commons area, we continued our walk down Boylston Street, with our next stop being the Boston Marathon Finish Line! Once I got there, we peaked around and saw some of the historical buildings that surrounded this running mecca. From the Old South Church to other Boston land marks, this was a special place, and I knew Monday would be even more special when I crossed that finish line. I got up as close as I could to the finish line without actually stepping onto it, I am saving that for Monday when I cross it … I don’t know maybe a little bit of superstition or whatever, but maybe I just want to respect it and savor that moment even more come Monday.

With our day pretty done and dinner time rolling around, we fancied a little pizza place called Emilio’s Pizza … there I grabbed an awesome spinach and feta calzone … it hit the spot proper! It was time to call it a night and head back to the hotel to kick the feet up.

Sunday is filled with some fun and exciting times as the marathon is now just around the corner!

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