Boston 2016: 916 to 617


The bags are packed and the enjoyment of traveling and actually getting to Boston was well underway. With a full workday ahead I was anxiously counting the hours until the 10:15PM flight. Before I even jump into the Thursday travels with the Friday arrival and marathon weekend festivities, let’s rewind to Wednesday.


Wednesday was awesome, my 9RUN6 peeps sent me off proper with a morning workout that involved running, donuts and coffee. Then that night I jumped over to Blue Prynt for the SRA Boston runners send off run.


9RUN6 send off


SRA send off

Now with Thursday being a busy workout day for us, things moved pretty quickly though a bit exhausting. It was appreciated that my fellow Sacramento Republic FC folks did a toasting for a beverage just as the workday ended and sent me off with an awesome good luck.

Now bags packed from the morning it was time to roll to the airport, the red eye flights are always fun because it can help get you tired to adjust to the time difference and an opportunity to get some evening shuteye at the same time.

With the flights completed we landed into Boston just before 10AM. The stomachs were the first thing that needed to be made happy so grabbing a bite at the hotel restaurant was a must.


Hello Boston!

Now the weekend was really about to start with a trip to the Boston Marathon Expo! Boy was I excited. My first marathon expo was awesome, the NYC Marathon expo was amazing and this one was just plain out special! I just had to soak it all in. I don’t think I have been so happy to be at an expo.


an ear to ear smile at the expo


D getting some use out of the Boston poster …

I grabbed my bib, got my swag and made my way down from the packet pick up to the actual expo itself. The first thing that was purchased was the Boston Marathon jacket. This is going to be one item that will forever be cherished, though I won’t be sporting it until after the marathon on Monday.


swag in hand!


The official jacket … #EARNED!

The expo was to be honest was overwhelming …. I did make it around most of the expo, making stops to see the Nuun booth and chat it up with Kevin (CEO of Nuun) and Zensah to meet Alberto (Marketing at Zensah).


Nuun hooking it up proper with this dope bottle and tube of Nuun.

Along with checking out some of these awesome booths I had to grab a free beer, of course. The Sam Adams 26.2 Brew is nothing short of delicious.



After spending a couple of hours at the expo it was time to hit up the nearby Whole Foods and stock up on some food for the hotel room before calling it a night. Day 2 in Boston would be a busy schedule between a couple of meet ups and some sight seeing planned so finding some downtime is important when it lends itself like a fairly early night in.


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