Sacramento Santa Run 5k


The Sacramento Santa Run is always a fun race to end the year off with. This was my second time running this specific race, though they changed the course slightly this year. The race still started on 9th and Capitol heading out to the Tower Bridge, wrapping around the waterfront and finishing the final stretch through Old Sacramento ending through the tunnel into the Downtown Plaza.

The race today was part of a 10-mile workout scheduled for today. Everything between today and April 18, 2016 is serving as part of a training plan to get me as ready as possible for the Boston Marathon.

With the gathering of runners decked out in Santa suits provided as part of registration into the race, I opted to go with the normal running gear today not even sporting the Santa hat like I did last year.

With a very casual field, meaning not too many teams from the Sacramento running scene represented it is fairly easy to run the race at your own pace without the pressure of “racing” the race. Today I did that, putting a goal of 20 minutes for the 5k portion of my workout rather than trying to drop the hammer on the race.

As the race started, I moved out too fast so I pulled back to be as close as I could to being in a training mode mentality. As I moved past the oddly marked and inaccurate 1st and 2nd mile markers (I know courses are off, but off by half and quarter a mile are something else), I got to running around the 6:20 / mile pace and continued to a smooth and consistent finish.

The official finishing time of 19:59 was good enough for 4th in my age division and 9th overall. IMG_6261.jpg


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