Kickstarter: Wiivv #KeepGoing


Okay as runners and athletes we all know the importance of our feet. Yet we tend to try to cookie cut the products made for them. I know from my own experience in store purchased insoles only feel “okay”, but never great. The reason is that each person’s foot is different, in fact I know my right foot and my left foot arches are different. Want to test it? Just step into a puddle barefooted and then leave your foot prints on dry flat cement, they are not exactly the same.

So with that being said and if you want to #KeepGoing I think it is time to jump over to the Wivv website and checkout what they have going on in regards to custom insoles.

A little bit more on why custom insoles matter (from the Wivv website).

  • Custom arch support will help you lighten your load and minimize fatigue.
  • Optimizing heel stability and alignment allows you to push yourself further without pain.
  • Sharpened control from heel to toe helps bring out your A game.
  • Improved shock absorption starts with your sole and ends with a smile.

Here is a video of how their product is made … It’s pretty F@#$ing Cool!


So what are you waiting for get to the Wiivv website and get on their email so you can be one of only 2,000 folks to get the kickstarter price …


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