1,000 days of running … what’s next?

So on December 10, 2012 I started this thing called a run streak … everyday since then, I have logged in at least 1 mile with my longest run during the past 1,000 days being 39.75 miles in a 6 hour endurance run.

My 1,000th run looked like this … 13.1 miles in British Columbia … of course I had to out run the first run of my streak and keep my mileage up for the week …

The last 1,000 days of running looked like this …

  • 3 countries covered (US, Mexico and Canada)
  • 12 States in the US
  • 8,450.39 miles completed
  • Five 5k Races  (PB of 18:40)
  • One 5mile Race
  • Three 10k Races (PB of 38:41)
  • One 8.5 mile Race
  • Five 10-Mile Races (PB of 1:05:42)
  • 11 Half Marathons (PB of 1:24:40)
  • One 30k Race
  • 15 Marathons (3 Boston Qualifying finishes, PB of 3:04:06)
  • One 50k Race
  • One 6-Hour Endurance Race
  • 2 Team Relays (Ragnar SoCal & Hood to Coast)

So what’s next when it comes to streaking? I don’t know maybe 1,001? I guess I’ll have to wait and see what I feel like doing tomorrow morning …

What’s the longest streak you have ran? Are you currently on a running streak?

One thought on “1,000 days of running … what’s next?

  1. That’s crazy and awesome, and crazy-awesome! Congrats and keep going 🙂


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