Why the hammer isn’t dropping on July 26 … #TSFM2015

So yesterday during my workout, I changed it … the workout and officially accepted that the goal of running a sub 3 hour marathon, or even attempting it on July 26 at The San Francisco Marathon isn’t going to happen.

These last couple of weeks have not been the same like in previous training cycles going into a target or “A” race. The 3 city travels in 8 days accompanied by exhaustion of … well … life, has started to catch up. To be honest, I have opted to start to hit the snooze button than jumping right out of bed as of late.

I have been getting my workouts and running run in, 942 days of streaking to be exact. My speed / interval workouts have been fairly dialed in, marathon pace runs in, long runs have been included, so I have been training just haven’t been 100% mentally committed to going for that sub 3, I announced about 16 weeks back.

All of this just happens, it’s part of life, however for me it is something that just isn’t normal so I am struggling with it a bit. I know on July 26, I’ll have some fun on that course … goal time? Maybe 3:10? Maybe 3:20? I don’t really know.

It’s not like I won’t ever go after that sub 3 again … who knows, CIM in December might be a more realistic go since I can do a bulk of my training when the soccer season is over and am at home more and can really focus and put my mental energy into a true “A” race.

Have you ever had to change your goal 2-3 weeks out from a race, where injury wasn’t a factor?

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