Life on the Road …


If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, there is no hidden secret that coaching takes me to plenty of places, both in season and off season. This past weekend I was off to Arizona for 3 days as we played Arizona United in Scottsdale and came home with 3 points in league play.

Since February when the season started both my wife and I noticed that my son wouldn’t talk to me on the phone when I would travel on these road trips with the team. It was a bit confusing because of the fact that he loves to come to the games when we are home and often times gets a glimpse of the away matches online and can spot me. Perhaps this unwillingness to talk to me on the phone was a form of separation anxiety or displeasure with me coming and going during the season. Now that he is 3, he has a better sense of that being gone on a road trip means more than just not being at home.

So this last road trip I tried something new to see if it would change the situation in regards to me being gone for a couple of days. I wrote a letter / note for each day I was gone, which he and my wife would read either at the end of the day or the beginning of the day. On each note I grabbed a coloring page photo off the web so that he could color something different each day. It seemed to have worked or at least bettered the experience on all sides while I was on the road.

He was willing to speak to me on the phone when I called home during the trip, he was even willing to share with me his colorings on the notes I had left behind.

For me this little thing of writing notes and leaving them on his monthly calendar (shown above) for each day I will be gone or arrive home after he is already in bed.

So hey moms and dads do you travel often for work and have some tricks that keep the kid(s) happy while you are away?

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