Donuts and Ping Pong Balls … #9run6


Happy Friday! or should I say Happy Donut Day! … This morning the 5:30AM group showed up at the corner of 10th and N street to get some morning miles in prior to the official #9RUN6 workout at 6:25AM.

To get our miles in Alexia, Brian, Kevin and I headed to 16th Street Donuts to get a couple dozen yummy treats to celebrate the day with the 6:25AM group.


When the group finally got together at the West Steps at 6:25AM our workout started … today was a new workout with the ping pong ball workout. Each ping pong ball had a different rep count and exercise (pushup, v up, sit up, burpee, and other such movements). Each person grabbed a ping pong ball from the bag then bounced it onto the ground while other members scrambled to grab a ball determining their workout for that round. Each round was followed with a short run then we repeated this for 20 minutes.

At the end of the workout we broke bread together aka Donuts!!!!

Happy Friday and have a great weekend.

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