National Running Day is this Wednesday! June 3, 2015


In case you didn’t know Wednesday is National Running Day. Yes it is a real thing where runners around the country celebrate running by running … yup if you’re someone like me who is streaking, today is day 903, you’re going to get out and celebrate the running you already do by running some more with other runners who also are going to celebrate something they do by doing more of it.

When you think about it it makes a lot of sense. I mean let’s take a look at Thanksgiving for example … why is it that most people only acknowledge what they are thankful for on this day, publicly at least. I mean shouldn’t we be thankful everyday for the life we have and the people around us? Though running might be an odd culture to some, it is a culture that shows their appreciation of what each individual is capable of doing EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Anyways on June 3rd, come join myself and the rest of the 9RUN6 fam bam and run around the State Capitol with us as we celebrate National Running Day! We have 3 groups that are scheduled to meet this Wednesday to celebrate together 5:30AM, 6:00AM and 6:25AM … The first 2 groups meet at the corner of 10th and N Street while the 6:25AM group meets at the West Steps of the Capitol. Come to one or all of the groups to share your love of running with some awesome folks.

Before you log off your computer and get to running … go visit the 9RUN6 Facebook Page (click here) and print out the graphic at the top of the page and fill in what or who you run for … snap a photo of you holding up the sign then tag it using #9run6 on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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