The Reunion Tour Workout … Welcome Back Derrick


This morning the crew was back … well some old faces that we haven’t seen in a while all at the same time … We had 12 people at today’s workout which has been a high as of late, but even then we make the noise of 100!

When we get together for a Friday or Wednesday morning workout, it really is like a family …. and unfortunately I think I play the role of the embarrassing uncle.

Today’s workout brought us to the steps of the Convention Center where we were kicked off 2 weeks back … but don’t worry we didn’t use the stairs so we weren’t a liability this time, we were using the sidewalk for a deck of cards “WAR” workout. The workout pitted one another in a friendly game of war where the loser did 10 push-ups, 10 sit up and 10 squats, while the winner did 5 of each. However if someone pulled a Joker, then that was an automatic win and loser did 15 burpees.

Come join us next Wednesday as we celebrate National Running Day at the West Steps of the Capitol.

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