Mission Sub 3 … week 7

After a week of what I consider not a strong week of training, I built my mileage back up to just under 60 miles. With a drop of miles last week, I am going to build back up 10% each week as not to over compensate for a lower mileage week I had.

The week consisted of 2 Something of Substance (SOS) workouts with a 1/2 SOS on Sunday, which I modified due to Mother’s Day. The week also included 2 strength / weighted workouts as written up by Luke (my strength coach) at Results Physical Therapy.

Tuesday was an enjoyable ladder workout which consisted of 400, 800, 1200, 1600, 1200, 800, 400 all with a 400 meter recovery. Though my 1200’s were a tad bit off of my goal for that workout, I was pleased with the consistency of my 400 and a solid 1600 during the workout.

My best workout based on feel came on Thursday as I logged in 7 miles during my workout at Goal Marathon Pace. The entire workout felt smooth and consistent, which is the goal for these workouts. One thing I have been working on is not just pace per mile on these workouts but getting the 7 miles in under a chunk of time. For example 7 miles at 6:52 average totals a time of 48:04. So my goal is to run as close to but still under that total time. During this workout I ran it at a total time of 48:02.

The Sunday workout was scheduled for 14 miles at long pace of 7:16 average. I was able to get just under 9 miles before the Mother’s Day festivities started with a total of 7:16 average. The key to this workout was based on effort and feeling even through the workout.

Sometimes workouts have to be flexible to life. At the end of the day it’s just running, even though we love it and enjoy the challenges, it is the real life relationships that matter most. Cutting a workout to spend time with family is always worth it. I know I have enough “miles in the bank” that cutting one workout short won’t hurt me in the long run, as long as I don’t make a routine out of cutting workouts down too frequently.

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