Mission Sub 3 … week 5

I can’t believe week 5 is in the books as I get after my training for that sub 3 marathon that is going to go down in July at The San Francisco Marathon. My total mileage dropped a bit this week down to 66 miles instead of staying in the 70’s like last week, but I’m okay with that. I’ll explain a little later why … but don’t worry I didn’t get hurt or anything like that …

The week started off with an easy Monday run on the same morning as the Boston Marathon. The schedule had me running 6 but I opted to run 6.17 miles in honor of all my friends and the 30,000 other runners in Boston that day. 617 is the area code of Boston. 

Tuesday was my speed workout day which I opted to run on the streets for my 5 x 1000 meters with a 400 meter recovery. I felt pretty consistent running these 1000 meter runs. For me that is the goal for these early weeks is to find consistency in each interval. 

Wednesday was a nice little run of a shorter distance because I had to prep myself for some TV coverage. You know I am a rockstar and people want me on tv:) in all reality I was honored to discuss my current nutritional guidelines program of Inside Tracker. 

Thursday I ran my 6 mile marathon pace workout where I felt the strongest I have felt for this workout compared to the previous 3 weeks of running. 

Friday and Saturday were some fairly heavy accumulated miles with about 15 miles on Friday and 10 miles on Saturday. All of these miles were easy miles.

On Sunday I had 12 miles on the schedule but with it being my son’s birthday weekend we traveled down to Disneyland. So I opted to shorten my run to 8 miles at long pace to spend more time with Mickey, Buzz Lightyear, Olaf and of course my wife and son. 

The week also had me doing a couple days of my runners six workout where I increased the weighted exercises. 

How did your week of training go last week? 

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