Mission Sub 3 … week 4

Typically I try to start the week off with a wrap-up of last week’s training however I was distracted this morning like most of you watching the Boston Marathon.

Last week in my search for that Sub 3 hour marathon time was fantastic. I wore my shoes for 70 miles of training. With a couple back to back long easy runs on the Saturday (15 miles) and Sunday (14 miles), my legs were a little fatigued with my Tuesday and Thursday workouts.

Tuesday consisted of a 6 x 800 meter workout with a 400 meter recovery, the 800 meters were clocked in around my 10k effort with ranging times from 3:04 to 3:09 for each of the 800. While Thursday seemed like a more smooth and consistent workout for me where I did a total of 9 miles with the middle 6 miles at 6:51/mile pace … the goal marathon pace for The San Francisco Marathon.

The easy miles included some longer slow miles as well doing some Skechers Performance shoe wear testing, which is always a plus for me.

From a strength training standpoint, Luke over at Results added some weight to my Runner’s Six workout, and actually made it a runner’s 7 workout by adding in a side plank with a knee lift towards my chest. IMG_2859

As the weeks start to countdown to race day, the mileage will start to crank up so don’t be surprised if you see me pushing 80, 90 and even a couple 100 mile weeks in there.

How was your training over the last week? Did you watch the Boston Marathon today? What a finish on the women’s side right?!?!


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