Mission Sub 3 … Week 3

Boom and like that I am three weeks into my training cycle as I hunt for that sub three hour marathon. This week wasn’t anything overly fancy when it came to workouts, except for the fact that my Sunday “longer” run included the Credit Union SACTOWN 10-mile Run.

The week included easy miles on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. While Tuesday consisted of 8 x 600 meters with a 400 meter recovery, which happened to be in the wind and rain, this workout was initially intended to be on the track but when I got there, it was locked up. Thursday was my 6 miles at goal marathon pace with a total of 11 miles for that workout, I felt pretty good for this workout and and surprised how I am able to jump right into it after taking a few months off of training for a specific race.

As I mentioned Sunday included a race in Downtown Sacramento, as part of the Sacramento Running Association AmbasSRAdor program, I was fortunate enough to run this race for free. My original plan for this race was to run around 70:00 while logging in about 2.5 miles before and 2 miles after. I ended up running the 10-miles at GMP while logging in close to the 2.5-miles prior and only around .7 miles after as I had to get home from the race to take care of family duties.

With upping the mileage from last week I closed off this week with 64+ miles which is an increase of about 7%, keeping me on track of increasing my miles no more than 10% from week to week.

How did your week of training go last week?

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