Mission Sub 3 … Week 2

So week two of my 18 week cycle completed. I hit 60 miles, which is ~10% more miles than I completed last week. This is going to be one of the steps into training smarter as I chase that sub 3 marathon in July at The San Francisco Marathon.

The week opened up with an easy run, in fact I had 5 easy runs on the schedule with my two workouts coming on Tuesday and Thursday.

Tuesday was a solid track workout where my goal was two part 1) run fast and 2) run consistent. I was able to hit both of those goals in my 12 x 400 meter workout. In the photo below are my splits. The recover between each 400 was a 400 meter run with the goal of getting each recover in around 2:00 – 2:06 for each lap.


My other workout was my marathon pace workout, which I was fortunate enough to throw down while I was in Portland for work. Yup I had to channel my inner Pre for this one :). The workout was 2 miles warm-up, 6 miles at 6:52/ mi (actual was 6:51/mi), then a 1.5 mile cool down.


During the week I also mixed in 3 Runner’s Six workouts on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, per the recommendation of Luke (Sac Republic Strength Coach) from Results PT Training. Along with the training side of things, I made sure that I was getting proper fuel along the way based on my Inside Tracker recommendations and food basket listing.

A bonus for this week also included breaking in some new shoes 🙂 … Yup I’ll be logging in some major miles in the GOmeb Speed 3 by Skechers Performance.


Any exciting training updates from you? I know many of you are getting ready for Boston, how is your training going? What is your goal time for Patriot’s Day?

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