Product Review: Skulpt Aim

IMG_2799So a few weeks back I received the Skulpt Aim in exchange for a couple of blog / social media post through Raynforest. The Skulpt Aim is en extremely user friendly device that measures Muscle Quality (MQ) and Body Fat %.

Easy to use …

The Skulpt Aim syncs to your smartphone and provides you with specific content video on how to measure your individual muscles, it even reminds you to spray the sensors with a little bit of water prior to measuring the muscle. Even if you aren’t a gadget geek, this device will make it a no-brainer on it’s use.

Functionality …

The Skulpt Aim gives you real data, not just numbers or measurements around a given muscle. It measures the composition of the muscle fiber and with it’s ability to measure individual muscles you can focus on the ones that need a little extra development on rather than just working all the muscles all the time.

Size / Portability / Battery …

The Skuplt Aim is just a tad bigger than my iPhone 5, so bringing it with me in my travel bag when traveling around makes it pretty simple. Not to mention it is very lightweight. The battery life is pretty amazing as well, after a full charge you can go a number of weeks without having to charge it again. The battery life alone allows it to be more travel friendly since that removes any hassle to bringing along extra chargers and wires.

Water-resistance …

No need to worry about getting it wet or even using it when you are drenched after a workout, this device is built for all kinds of conditions.

Muscle Quality and Body Fat % …

As I mentioned it serves a specific purpose to the data it collects. Here is some of the science behind the product from the Skulpt Website:

  • Measures fat percentage and MQ
  • Up to 24 different muscles
  • Total Body Fat and MQ from 4 muscles: Biceps, Triceps, Abs, Quads.

“The technology used in the Skulpt Aim is called Electrical Impedance Myography (EIM). Aim has 12 sensors on the back with optimized configurations and frequencies. When placed to the muscle, Aim sends a small current past the subcutaneous fat and through the muscle. Since current flows differently in fat than in muscle, and in a fit muscle than an unfit one, the EIM technique is able to evaluate the quality of the muscle, and the percentage of surrounding fat.”

If you’re looking for a way to keep track of how your workouts are really helping your body you need a way to measure your muscles and their quality. For me the Skulpt Aim has provided me with the proper information to allow for me to make my workouts more efficient and functional rather than just blindly lifting weights to doing body weight exercises. Consider checking out the Skulpt Aim to help take your workouts and fitness to the next level.

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