Race Report: Lucky Run Half Marathon

At 7:07PM on a Friday night, a text message conversation went like this …

Kevin: Let’s run the Lucky Run tomorrow, I’ll drive …

Me: What time? Run the half?

Kevin: The half starts at 8am. I’m leaving at 6am so I can reg.

Me: Alright cool I’m down!

Kevin: Okay cool I’ll pick you up at 6am!

Me: See you then.

And there you have it the beginning of my first half marathon “race” weekend in 2015. I don’t know the last time I went to a race and filled out a race day registration form, but it was about to be on like Donkey Kong … Kevin and I got there pretty early to complete the forms, get registered and pick up our race day swag.

After finding some solid parking it, we made our way to the start / finish area at the Community Park / High School/ Library area where the finish line was being prepared.



Then filling out a paper form to turn in? I pulled a rookie move and forgot to check off the race I was racing. The race offered a 7k, 7miler, and half marathon.


Bib and t-shirt in hand, it was officially time to get the gear ready. For this race I opted to get a youth small shirt and give it to my son. Let’s be honest, how many race shirts do I really need?



With the race bib in hand it was time to head back to the car, pin the bib onto the singlet and start a pre-race run. Since this wasn’t an “A” race for me I opted to run just under 4 miles prior to the start of the half. Yes a warm-up but not a I’m going to hammer this race warm-up just some added miles.


With the 8am start time coming about it was time to head to the start line where I learned that at the start 10 year old Jack Butler was going to attempt to break the record for fastest half marathon by a 10 year old. The time he would be going for was anything under 1:31:33. During the race, he ran along side me for a bit and asked me if I was the assistant coach of the Sacramento Republic FC, so we chatted a bit about soccer and he told me how his family were season ticket holders.

The race is a pretty fun race that takes half marathoners through Davis and along some of the county roads which are pretty open. The only sort of climb is about half way into the race where runners are directed over a freeway overpass. After that it is pretty much smooth sailing outside of some of the slight bobbing and weaving as you start to close down some of the 7 miler runners and 7k runners.

I was feeling fairly good for the first 9 miles then just got tired going from 6:50’s to dropping to 7:20-30s. Honestly, I kind of expected this considering that I hadn’t done any speed workouts since CIM back in December, when I PR’d in the marathon with a 3:04:06.

With the course wrapping up, I knew I was still in good shape with being around a 1:33 finish time as I started to calculate at mile 11 or so. And there you had it a 1:33:30 half marathon to open 2015, not a bad race. This time was good enough to take 22nd overall and 3rd in my age division, one spot back in my AG from Kevin (who I went to the race with). Not a bad start to the weekend to grab some double bling with my training partner.


While crossing the finish line, I saw Jack and his family and found out he broke the record running a 1:31:06. Great job Jack!


While at the finish line area, I also awaited one of my other buddies who was going for a personal best. Dan who ran his first half marathon last year, was going for a sub 1:40:00 … Boom and there he was 1:38:31… congrats to Dan for rocking a new personal best and 7th in our AG.

IMG_2557A solid weekend and what I call a pop up race. Time to get ready to pace some friends this coming Sunday at the Shamrock’n Half Marathon.

Have you ever decided last minute to just show up and sign up for a race? How did it go for you? Which one was it?

2 thoughts on “Race Report: Lucky Run Half Marathon

  1. Nice work! I ran this race last year and had a ton of fun 🙂


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