Real Life Super Mario Brothers

IMG_25336:25AM rolls around and you see the usual sights of KP stretching at the West Steps as the rest of the crew makes their way up to the Capitol for our weekly Wednesday workout. Today we did a variation of our Deck of Cards workout but threw in a few variations of movements instead of the push ups, sit ups and squats. Today’s movements included star jumps, leg lifts and squats. Also instead of running around the paved area we took it cross country style and run on the grass circling a tree, which caused for a little confusion because some people didn’t understand run around the big tree in the middle.

To spice things up we also took the Joker and made it double the value of the next card pulled. Today KP thought she would throw it down hard core and pull 3 jokers.

Now the final kicker and reason for the photo above is all about the leap frogs we did around the west lawn to close off the workout. Yup we did leap frog because that is totally normal to do!

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