Tweets By Brad…9RUN6 Wednesday Workout

So some days we like to get silly … I mean really silly! This morning the crew came out to do their thing at 6:25AM on the West Steps.

This morning’s workout was the inFAMOUS deck of cards workout. 10 rounds of push ups, sit ups and squats, while the joker equaling a double value of the next card pulled. The folks did work and left the sidewalks around the Capitol crying … no that wasn’t sweat that was a combination of liquid awesome and tears from the pavement getting it’s ass kicked!

During the workout we also had some pretty awesome reciting of possible tweets by one of our members Brad. To compare the awesomeness of these tweets you had to be there but imagine Morgan Freeman reciting your tweets but only better, that’s the AWESOMENESS of this morning.

Don’t forget to double fist your workouts by showing up to Yolo Brewing Company tonight at 6:25PM for #BurpeesAndBeers.

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