Time to start thinking sub 3 …

Okay call me crazy but I figured out which race I will be training for to go Sub 3! The race will take place on July 26, 2015 in San Francisco … Yup, I’m going to train for 18 weeks to throw down a sub 3 at The San Francisco Marathon. This will be my spring training to summer “A” race! My fall/winter “A” race will be the California International Marathon (more about that after August).

Why San Francisco for a sub 3? Well I have ran well there before, throwing down at what was at one point a personal best 2 years ago with a 3:09:27. I enjoy the variation in the course with hills, the downs, and the flats. I know the course very well with this year going to be my 6th running of the course, my second most ran race behind the California International Marathon (8x).

So this morning, I chose this race and did what most of you other marathon crazies would do … start putting a training game plan together. I had some interval workouts already on the calendar, but deleted them so I can just run easy for the next few weeks with my first TSFM training week beginning the end of March. Over the course of 18 weeks starting in March, I will be doing speed work (short intervals), tempo workouts (marathon pace), long runs, strength workouts (long intervals) and have easy days as well. Each run will serve a purpose, some days the purpose will be recovery, but each one for 18 weeks to help me run the sub 3 hour marathon.

For me this goal is a little crazy to be chasing it such a challenging course, but I also really enjoy that weekend of events and love the race. I know the weather will be ideal and the support along the course will be there, so why not throw down the hammer on a weekend that I will be running anyways.

Perhaps the biggest thing for me that allows me to just focus on training for this specific goal time is that I already have completed a sub 3:05 (3:04:06 to be exact) at the CIM in December. With this 3:04:06 time, I earned a BQ-5 for Boston 2016. This is a huge monkey off my back and allows me to focus on a time, not having to worry about a time and a BQ, which yes are the same, but once you have one guaranteed, training becomes a little different.

Are you interested in running The San Francisco Marathon in July? Well I also have a discount code to share with you guys! Use code TSFM2015CHRIS to save $25.


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