That was WAY TOO FUN!

Around the 9RUN6 group we bring WTF to a different level … yup, we’re talking WAY TOO FUN! The morning crew was in full force today with the 6:25AM start up time at the West Steps of the Capitol. We did miss some of our familiar faces this morning like David, KP, Ethan and Lisa, but hey the show goes on.

With the group ready to get moving we channeled our inner bear as we knocked out 1 minute rounds of high knees, squats, lunges, cross body mountain climbers, push-ups, and bear crawls. After each complete cycle we through in a couple of laps for good measure before moving onto the next cycle for 3 times through.

After liquid awesome was poured on the west steps it was time to move ahead and start the day. Hope everyone has a kick-ass day!

See you tonight at 6:25PM for the #BURPEESandBEER workout at Yolo Brew in West Sacramento!

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