#Project3sixty5 Day 1

Okay here we go, the personal challenge and goal to find 365 days of awesome starts today. Why #PROJECT3sixty5? Well because it is my 35th year of life and I like to play with words.

So today will probably be one of my longer post during the next three hundred sixty five days, in fact some days it might just be a single photo with or without a caption that captures what I consider to be “awesome” for that day.

Getting to where I am right now and to where I am going hasn’t been so simple. Let’s take a look back at where I went from even just from my 20’s … yeah growing up I was that fairly active kid who ran around the soccer field, played baseball, mixed in a little bit of track and did all kinds of well kid stuff to keep busy. Then came the college life of eating, drinking, eating some more then drinking a little more, and honestly not really taking care of my body as I should have. I was one of those people who coached athletes but didn’t look like an athlete. I was over weight … no I don’t need to be PC in this … I WAS FAT!


sporting the 210 pounds, size 38 pants and XL clothing

In 2004, I had this crazy idea of running a marathon. Well under-trained, not sure exactly what I signed myself up for, but I figured if Oprah could do it so could I. My “training” program consisted of slowly building up to being able to run for 4 hours consecutively. Yes talk about a major fail at the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon … fail as in realistic expectations, but I did finish.

San Diego Rock N Roll (San Diego, CA June 2004)

when in doubt … walk it out … it happened pretty often in the 4:58:xx marathon 🙂

Now let’s fast forward to today, I have an AWESOME wife and son who support me through my crazy running and fitness adventures. I attempt to live the healthiest lifestyle that I can and try to encourage those around me to do the same … just make healthy choices.


celebrating my son’s 1st birthday at the Big Sur Marathon weekend with family (2013).

Getting to where I am now thinking of chasing that sub 3 hour marathon wasn’t always so easy for me, my knees use to hurt constantly, I insisted on stretching my shirts to limit the visibility of gut, I hid my worries in stuffing my face into 10 McDonald’s cheese burgers (remember those 39 cent cheese burgers? I sure did). I can remember when I wanted to “workout” when I was pushing that 210 pounds around, five to ten minutes on the elliptical machine was enough to have me breaking a full sweat and gasping for air, sit ups were tough because my belly got in the way, and lifting weights didn’t happen because I was too embarrassed to be seen only being able to curl 5 pound weights.

So my awesome for today,  I guess it comes down to finding myself. Living the dream as an assistant coach for a professional soccer team, having a loving wife, a beautiful son, living a life that I make healthy choices and never looking back at those fat days other than reminders of where I have come.

Life happens whether we are mindful of it or not, we can choose to find the awesome, encourage the negative or be stale. My goal in finding the awesome in my #PROJECT3sixty5 is to never wake up with the expectations to be average. I might fail on certain days, I would rather that happen knowing that I challenged myself than never taking any chances to find my limits.

3 thoughts on “#Project3sixty5 Day 1

  1. Awesome post! It’s so awesome to know people like me aren’t alone in this world. Great work! Keep on keeping on! Happy Birthday!

    Liked by 1 person

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