Super Sunday Run 10k/5k and Kid’s Run

I finally got out to run the Super Sunday Run! It’s been an event I have been wanting to do, but for the last few years something has always come up in my schedule that prevented me from doing it. This year I had a long run planned on that same day, and not being “race fit” based on my own standards, I wanted to keep my training for that day true rather that trying to blast through a 10k on Sunday morning. So my day started way before the 9:15AM send off of the 10k runners just outside of the football stadium at CSU Sacramento (Sac State).

My alarm went off at the normal 4:00AM ish time so I could get up get my morning calories in me, provide me time to take care of duties around the house, then make my way out of the door to get my pre-10k miles logged in. I ran to Sac State, but took the long way around just to make sure I got at least 8 miles in before the 10k would start. This also provided me enough time to chat with other ambasSRAdors who were working the event handing out t-shirts and such.

The set up just outside of the alumni center provided a tail-gating meets running event type of feel. I was able to also check in with Bobby Mack of Nuun at their booth, which provided the on course electrolytes. Plenty of things to see and enjoy. Shortly after checking this area out, my wife and son arrived at Sac State (by way of car), which was the plan so that I could still get my miles in but then enjoy the rest of the day after the event to hangout with them, not having to drag on my running through the rest of the day when they were both awake.

This would be my son’s first official race, where he got a bib of his own and everything. We opted for him to do the 40-yard dash for this day, but then realized he probably should have done the 1k since he ended up walking / running on his own over a mile anyways after finishing the 40-yard. For the kids this was an awesome little run with the 40-yard right on the field ending in the end zone and for the 1k, running around the track just outside of the stadium and finishing the same line which the 5k and 10k would be finishing at.


After the kids races, my wife and son went on a walk for their additional workout for the morning. While I headed to the start area to meet up with other ambasSRAdors for a group photo before the 5k start time of 9:00AM.


With the photo completed and the 5k getting underway, I was able to add on another quick run around the parking lot to get to 9+ miles for the morning before the 10k start at 9:15AM. As the start time start to close in, I made my way to the line, saw some familiar faces, chatted and passed along some well wishes.

Boom and we were off to the races, so to speak. The route would take us out along the campus crossing up over the Guy West Bridge, where I was able to see some fellow Buffalo Chips members cheering runners on before we crossed over and entered University Drive.

For most of the course we would spend our running around the neighborhood around the American River Drive area, before returning back to Sacramento State. With the finish line on the field of the football field. With the run plan of running the 10k at goal marathon pace, I did just that running around the 6:52/mi pace for most of the course. The course which was offered to the 10k’ers was pretty flat with a few ups and downs around the Guy West Bridge, so for the most part it was simple enough to keep pace and run a smart race if you chose to race the event that morning.

Now my bone head move of the day happened well after I crossed the finish line. Since I didn’t “race” the 10k, I made the assumption that winning an age group award was out of question for me, which I didn’t mind since after crossing the finish I was able to get 15 miles in before enjoying the rest of the day with the family. However, when I went to check the results later in the day I saw that I finished 2nd in the my AG, which meant I won a little added bling to the event. Luckily, I will be able to pick up the award from the SRA offices sometime this week and I will post a photo of it on the blog when I get it in my possession.


Disclaimer: As part of the ambasSRAdor program I was provided with a free race entry into this event. All views and comments in my blog are that of my own and not influenced by the employees of Sacramento Running Association.

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