With Love to #NP_SF from 9RUN6

Yesterday I was passed along the following note:

‘It’s been a pretty damn tough week out here in SF. One of our members passed away this weekend in a kayaking accident. About 24 of the NP group went up to Oregon on a weekend trip and she got caught under a bridge, her kayak flipped and they all tried to rescue her bit the river was just too strong. I didn’t know her to well but she was definitely one of the most bad ass and all around happy members of the tribe.

But tomorrow we’re remembering her by wearing backwards baseball& trucker hats during the workout because that’s what she always wore. Here’s a little info about it. http://november-project.com/stage-one-monday-sf/

I don’t know if It would be appropriate or what not if you guys also were to take part in the backwards hat thing but talk to Malenab about it. I know I’d really appreciate it but idk. Most of the tribes around the nation are doing it as well. She was only 24 and it’s been pretty tough on all of us.’

So today we turned our hats backwards for our friends and family in San Francisco and all other NP tribes around the country. At the normal 6:25AM meet up on Wednesday morning we gathered at the west steps of the Capitol to rock our hats and bring positive energy to the workout. We did our typical deck of cards workout for this morning while honoring those who were close to Sam.

If you couldn’t make it out to the workout this morning but will do one sometime today or even tonight at the 6:25PM group at Yolo Brew, take a photo rocking a backwards hat and tag it #HalfAsCool and #FastAsSam.


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