The Yackers Club #breakFASTclub Friday

So let’s start off today’s recap with this ….



The workout today was not as easy at it might have seemed. After the normal 6:25AM meet up at the west steps of the Capitol and welcoming first timer Rachelle to the workout, we made our way to the “tunnel”. The tunnel that connects Old Sacramento to Downtown Sacramento. Is disco type setting that allows you to get your ass kicked while giving you some awesome display of lights.

Upon arrival to the tunnel it was workout time, today’s workout included running up and down the short climb 2 times between each set of 10 reps of various movements which included push ups, burpees, squats, lunges, star jumps, and mountain climbers. This routine was repeated twice before we headed back to the west steps to complete our workout for this fine and foggy Friday!


so many lights!

See you next Wednesday at 6:25AM! Be there or be harassed on social media.

One thought on “The Yackers Club #breakFASTclub Friday

  1. I KNEW that it would become popular IF I actually did it!! Held it together though!! Cakes tapped out! Ha ha! Great workout today!


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