I’m a what? say it … #ambasSRAdor

I’m a #ambasSRAdor … yes that isn’t a typo … it means I am an ambassador for SRA (Sacramento Running Association). SRA is probably most recognized for the California International Marathon which is ran in December and is known as the fastest course in the west. However, those in the Sacramento running community are probably aware that SRA manages a couple other races in the Sacramento area from a 5k to a 50k and various distances in between.

So as a #ambasSRAdor I get to go around and represent some of the best and most competitive races in the Sacramento area, while spreading my passion for running and meeting new people. Some of the perks for being a #ambasSRAdor include getting some awesome swag, a couple of free race entries and a discount code to share to my running friends to save you guys some bucks.


the awesome swag

Okay so here is the awesome part for all of you looking to save some bucks on your registrations. To save 5% use code SRA13 when you register for the Super Sunday Run , Credit Union SacTown 10-mile Run, Gold Rush 50k and California International Marathon.


February 1, 2015


April 12, 2015


May 9, 2015


December 6, 2015


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