What do the faces of LIQUID AWESOME look like?

Post by Chris McDaniel (2014 Most Awesome Award)

Just because our usual leader, Chris Malenab, was off in Arizona, didn’t mean the group didn’t get together and pour out a dose of liquid awesome onto the sidewalks of the Capitol Building!!! Just to keep things simple for the group and not have to remember a new leader’s name, Chris asked Chris to lead today’s workout. Everyone gathered on the west steps of the Capitol Building wondering what today’s workout would bring.

We did notice quite a few missing faces this morning, Ethan, Kelsey, Lisa, Judy, Tara, and Derek. I guess they all figured since Chris Malenab wasn’t here this week that the workout wouldn’t be as awesome. Let’s just say that I don’t think anyone walked away without feeling it in their calves and dripping sweat on the pavement.

The group started off with a little 3 lap warmup around the west lawn (about 1/3 of a mile) before jumping right into everyone’s favorite workout, affectionately known as “THE BEAR”. The Bear is 3 sets of exercises and a ¼ mile run in between each set. The sets of exercises included one minute each of jump ropes, high knees, butt kickers, and jumping jacks followed by either burpees, mountain climbers, or push-ups and dips. Then the group closed is out with another 3 lap cool down run around the west lawn.

9run6 continues to grow and now offers 3 opportunities for you to join us every week, and one of the workouts even includes the 9run6 Red Ale from Yolo Brew!

9RUN6 Workout Schedule

Wednesday AM – 6:25AM West Steps of the Capitol

Wednesday PM – 6:25PM Yolo Brewing Company

Friday AM – 6:25AM West Steps of the Capitol

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