So the #breakFASTclub is starting to grow a little bit. When we first added our Friday group we had maybe 3-4 people coming out to workout now 13 on up is a norm for us. This is kind of cool, not to mention we like to have some fun with it by traveling away from the West Steps after meeting there at 6:25AM.

Today we welcome Adrienne who found us on our Meet Up page. She was the new face to the group for today workout which took us from the west steps to the stairs at the Convention Center on J Street. For the workout today we mixed up some traditional running up and down stairs, mixing in side steps up stairs, some calf raises up stairs, wide steps up the stairs, lunges up the stairs, then closed it off with more running before knocking out 50 sit ups and 50 push ups.

Perhaps the more comical part of the workout today was the warm-up and cool down where we decided to leap frog over structures, run and jump off of benches all while yelling parkour. Kevin even decided to mix in some action by doing some stunts such as kicking a curb hovering and flying to his near death experience, but somehow still found a way to stay on his feet.

Okay now it’s time for some fun … we want to assign you some weekend homework! Video yourself doing the Derrick Shuffle post it on Facebook, Instagram or Tweet a link and hashtag it with #9RUN6DShuffle. Try to do it somewhere outside of your home or yard … maybe the grocery store, the mall, a club, a bar, a brew house, dinner …. somewhere fun and out of place.

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