Burpees and Beer: 9RUN6 Red Ale Workout and Launch Party

So last night was pretty epic. We not only pulled off a double day for the 9RUN6 workout crew with about 8 members showing up to both morning and evening workouts, but we enjoyed plenty of new faces at the 6:25PM workout itself. It’s amazing how many folks come out when you have the workout at a brew house :). The evening workout was held at Yolo Brewing Company in West Sacramento. The evening started off pretty spot on at 6:25PM with a welcome to everyone and information by special guest Bobby from Nuun Hydration who brought some treats and kept us hydrated through the workout.


the welcomes and Nuun Hydration chat

With all the hello’s and introductions out of the way it was time to blast through the evening workout. Since there were going to be new faces, one of the more enjoyable workouts and easiest to understand is the “Deck of Cards”, where members draw a card and that represents the number of push ups, squats and sit ups that the individual has to do. This would be repeated 10 times through. However, pull a joker and your SOL … that means 15 burpees.


rocking some squats


some folks who poured liquid awesome during the workout

To end the workout we had, Derrick T’s better half, Brooke pull 3 additional cards to give us a couple extra rounds of exercises.

After the 30 minute workout was completed, liquid awesome was poured on the cement in the loading dock of Yolo Brew it was time to pour the first pint of the 9RUN6 Red Ale!


some people just came for the beer, and we’re okay with that.


folks jumping in on the $2.62 9RUN6 special!

The group hung out for a while throwing down some beers and telling stories about other workouts while watching the Kings CRUSH the Thunder on TV.


Did you miss out on the fun times at last night’s workout or even miss out on tasting a pint of the 9RUN6 Red? Well check out the 9RUN6 Facebook Page for photos, visit Yolo Brewing Company anytime since the 9RUN6 Red is on tap, and join us every Wednesday Night at 6:25PM for a workout! YES THAT MEAN’S 3 WORKOUTS a week!!!!

9RUN6 Workout Schedule

Wednesday AM – 6:25AM West Steps of the Capitol

Wednesday PM – 6:25PM Yolo Brewing Company

Friday AM – 6:25AM West Steps of the Capitol

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