Brownies with a splash of liquid awesome

For the first Wednesday workout of 2015 we welcomed some new faces to the group today and welcomed back some folks who we haven’t seen for a couple of weeks.  Today we welcomed Jade and Malcolm, while saying congrats to Lisa who just returned from France who was recently engaged out there.

With all the folks gathered at the west steps it was on to get to pouring some liquid awesome. The workout for today started with a 3 lap warm-up before getting into the 50TO5 workout. The fifty to five workouts starts with reps of 50 and works it’s way to down to 5 reps of various exercises including jumping jacks, crunches, push ups and squats.

After the 25 minutes of liquid awesome was poured we watched KP do her star jumps as she celebrated her 24th birthday with us. Then it was time for a 3 lap cool down followed by some delicious brownies courtesy of Tara!


HAPPY 24th KP!


looks like a brownie, SMELLS like a brownie .. yup taste like a brownie

Tonight is the big NIGHT! The 9RUN6 Red Ale Launch Party at Yolo Brewing Company!!!!! Who’s going? For more info check out the Facebook Event Page by clicking here.

9Run6 Red - banner

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