2015 is ON!

So 13 friendly folks represented themselves today at the first workout of 2015. It was cold out … no it was F@#$ing FREEZING! Nonetheless, these folks got after it this morning with a fun and friendly version of  the DECK OF CARDS workout for #breakFASTclub.

After the group got together at the west steps of the Capitol, they made their way to the Memorial Auditorium located between 15th & 16th on J Street for the morning workout.  Even with the cold weather blasting the group, members still managed to pour some liquid awesome on the sidewalks during the workout. Some members did more than others like Brad who found a way to pull 2 straight Jokers, which equates to 25 burpees a piece!

With 8 rounds completed, Brad ended up with the top hand making everyone go through 3 pulls of the cards fortunately no Jokers were pulled and the rest of the group just had to knock out push ups, sit ups and squats for three extra rounds.

If you have haven’t checked the 9RUN6 facebook, you might want to there is a lot of stuff going on there like a toasting of a NEW beer and the Holiday Photo Contest … so join in on the fun and vote and invite your friends to the January 7 workout and pour.

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