2014 The Year that was well … AWESOME!

Okay I know most people do their wrap-up in 2014, then release their goals of 2015. I am a little backwards like that, I tend to do mine opposite. Maybe it has something to do with wrapping up a complete year before the year is actually over … for my running friends you know kind of like buying a finisher’s jacket at a race expo before the race actually starts.

2014 was absolutely amazing … scratch that it was AWESOME! So many highlights to pick from in the athletic world that it is going to be pretty tough to select just a few that made 2014 memorable. In my life of running and footie here are my top moments in 2014 … let’s make it dramatic by doing a countdown from 5 to 1 …

Number 5: More running friends

In January, I was fortunate to run along some new running friends as we took on the Ninja Loop in the Bay Area … Those running friends have been a constant in supporting one another through 2014 in races and training, in real life, and through social media. Many of those faces ended up running on my afterNUUNrun Ragnar So Cal team.


the Ninja Loop followed by some local ales


Ragnar So Cal


Number 4: Fifth Annual Charity Kicks Toy Drive & Soccer Clinic

When the event first started back in 2010, I never imagined that this toy drive and soccer clinic benefiting the Active 20-30 #1 Sacramento Holiday Party for kids with cancer would grow to what it is today. With the support of the community this event is one of my favorites each and every year. With over 1,000 toys collected over the 5 years of the event, we have brought so many smiles to many faces and families during the holiday season.


This year Santa had Roro and Mickey Daly to help him during the clinic to giveaway some gifts to the attendees.


a strong and supportive community coming together for a great cause.

Number 3: a simple meet-up idea

This year I started a meet-up group called, 9RUN6 … it has turned to more than just people showing up to workout at 6:25AM. It has become a family of supportive individuals helping one another reach their next personal best by inspiring those around them through commitment, hard work and social accountability.


taking pride in the city in which we run in


the group is strong … and pretty funny too.

Number 2: The season that was …

This year was an amazing year when it came to my career in the world of footie. I was fortunate enough to be part of the first year of the Sacramento Republic FC as an assistant coach. This year brought me so many new experiences from working with a top level coach in Preki, a seasoned head assistant in Rod Underwood and developing my personal coaching style and elevating my knowledge of the game.

The season also brought us the USL Pro Championship, while crushing season attendance records and witnessing the city of Sacramento rally behind a professional soccer team that it has been waiting for.


the city of Sacramento supporting us and our championship with a parade.


post championship match photo with the cup ..


a coaching career only goes as far as family lets it.

Number 1: Breaking new limits …

Athletically, I thought maybe I found my limits. I did find those limits and decided to go beyond them to make way for new experiences and for more to come in 2015. In 2014 there was a lot of running, not a big surprise, but the year closed off pretty strong after running my first out of state marathon at the TCS NYC Marathon running a personal best at the time of 3:09:01. This time also equated to a Boston Qualifying time, my second after running my first in 2013 at CIM.


Finishing the TCS NYC Marathon!

In five weeks of focused training for the 2014 California International Marathon, I crushed my personal best with a new time of 3:04:06, which is nearly 6 minutes sub of my Boston Qualifying Standard. This officially punches my ticket for 2016.


yup, better believe I RUNg that bell 🙂


All of these feats from running to coaching and everything in between only had a chance because of a supportive and understanding wife and family who helps me chase my next personal best.

What are your highlights from 2014?

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