Why I prefer goals over resolutions

Dictionary.com defines resolution as “a resolve; a decision or determination: to make a firm resolution to do something.” While goal is defined as “the result or achievement toward which effort is directed; aim; end.”

I like goals over resolutions because I want to do more than do something, I want to achieve something specific. When people make resolutions, I think it is great to jump start something new and exciting or even maybe start something that includes healthier living and decision making. However, that becomes just too generic for me. I see those “I am going to workout” or “I am going to eat healthier” … starting January 1, 2015. How can those things be measured? Does one salad in 2015 or one push up in 2015 count as eating healthier or doing a workout? For some maybe.

Now take those resolutions and make them goals … make them measurable … make it challenging … make it where at some point you wonder, CAN I DO IT? Create more than 1 goal … Put an “A” goal, a “B” goal, and “C” goal in there or even however many goals you want in there that you think your life allows you to set.

We can all set as many achievable and challenging goals and share them with those around us, but if they are too easy to achieve really the only person who has any “skin in the game” is you anyways. Yes I am using the cliche … “You’re only going to be cheating yourself”.

When I closed off 2013 I announced 4 goals for 2014 …
The first goal I had was to run a personal best in the marathon distance, I can check that off. I ran a personal best twice within 5 weeks of one another with a 3:09:01 at the TCS NYC Marathon then recently smashing that personal best with a 3:04:06 at the California International Marathon, punching my ticket for the 2016 Boston Marathon. This was labeled as my “A” Goal.

The second goal was to continue my running streak, as of today I am currently on 746 days (day 360 of 2014). To be honest I wasn’t sure how long this streak would actually last, luckily I haven’t had any major set backs.

The third goal was my toughest one, which was to run 3,500 miles from January 1st through December 31st, this goal is not going to be reached in fact breaking 3,000 miles in one year is going to be tough and probably not going to happen. The third goal was based on my 2013 running mileage total where I ran 3,400 miles in one year. The tough part of this goal was with all my work travel I wasn’t able to get in more longer runs.

The fourth goal was a stretch but not as tough as my total mileage goal. It was to run 14 marathon distance or longer runs in 2014. I came short of that as I had to scratch from 2 marathons and decided to pull back from my goal with various changes and travel in my soccer coaching career. In 2014 did finish 10 runs that were 26.2-miles or longer, in which 2 of those runs were a 34-mile birthday run and my first 50k on the trails.

So why share goals and announce them to people who read my blog or to people who I surround myself with. Well to be honest, I think goals need to be shared for a couple of reasons, the first it creates for social accountability, the second you never know who else might have those same goals and can help you in your journey and three it’s fun 🙂 … I mean let’s be honest everyone likes to have a little bit of fun and maybe it creates for a little healthy competition on the side.

With 2014 wrapping up, it is time to list out the 2015 athletic goals …

First Goal: A) run a sub 3:00:00 marathon (B – sub 3:02, C – sub 3:04) … my current best is 3:04:06

Second Goal: A) Continue my running streak another 365 days (B – get to 1,000 days)

Third Goal: A) run more than 3,000 miles in 2015 (B – run at least 2,900 miles)

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