Stairs and Cakes

So today was another one of those #breakFASTclub Fridays when a group of early morning crazies make their way to the west steps of the Capitol to workout. The journey today took us to the Sacramento Convention Center stair case for our morning punishment … err workout.

With a quick run to the Convention Center the workout was on like Donkey Kong … 20 minutes of pushing through this morning’s workout to get in as many rounds as possible. Each round consisted of 30 squat thrust, 20 star jumps, 10 push ups, 5 burpees and 2 sets of stairs (up and down = 1 set).

During the entire workout we talked about how the stairs were difficult and how Ernesto had some cakes (a round booty).


40 squat thrust by Derrick … He has good squat form


30 Star jumps … special visit by out of town family Lo to this mornings workout


even with an injury Chris McDaniel blogger from Run Now & Wine Later was doing some strength movements … 10 push ups


a workout isn’t complete without some burpees by Alexia and Kevin.


Now let’s mix two sets of stairs …


See you next Wednesday for our New Year’s Eve workout which we announced today as the 2014 workouts … followed by toasting some Nuun Hydration at the end of the workout.


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